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Sorry, but again, this is bullshit. someone could perhaps make the argument that it was about the interests of one region butting up against the interests of another region, but the big lash of interests revolved around slavery. (it would be equivalent to, say, if New england actually did secede during the 1812 war, and saying that the resulting secession was about large vs. small amounts of federal power and had nothing to do with the country's expansion, power struggles, or economic differences.)
I understand what you are trying to say and I agree and disagree at the same time. What I really think we must ask ourselves is what the slaves meant to the two sides. And of course we must try to include the exceptions to the rule. Not all Northeners were likeminded on the issue just as Southerners weren't, but what did the slaves mean to the slave owners? Money. It wasn't about the power of owning another person that they got off on. It was their economic situation. And if they did well economically, the rest of the poor South did well, too. Now the North is a different story. For the abolitionists in general, it was definitely a moral issue. But I would say for the rest of the North, they were more pro-federal government. Which like I said earlier makes sense. Most of the Northern states were in the eastern regions that were closest to Washington. It could be said they felt closer to it regionally. I think it all depends on how each person looked at it. And we can't forget that exception to the rule, folks. Not everyone thought exactly the same. I would see plantation owners worried about their investments more than their love of oppression. But I don't know any (lol), so this is just speculative historical research and opinion. Just like none of us know any of the people at that time. We just have what we can show from that time and we must make our guesses. If I have to be a politician (oh God, kill me now), I would say that all of us are right, but none of us are 100% right. Oh yeah...except me. Just kidding. lol