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    Default Greening of the Zeitgeist

    Gregory Rodriguez does a nice job of making the Green-as-religion case in today's LA Times ("Greening of the zeitgeist"). Here is an excerpt.

    Is your marriage on the rocks? Are you and the spouse always
    fighting? Is the passion gone? A new study published by the National Academy of
    Sciences suggests that you should think twice before considering divorce. No,
    not because of the negative effects it may have on the children or even on your
    pocketbook, but of what it'd do to your poor mother. Mother Earth, that is.

    All kidding aside, the study's findings make sense. Because
    they share resources, people in married households use energy and water more
    efficiently than divorced ones. But the study also indicates how much global
    climate change, which -- along with terrorism -- has replaced the Soviet Union
    as the Monster Under the Bed in our national consciousness. It has reached the
    level of a full-blown zeitgeist social issue, with far-reaching moral and
    religious undertones.

    Past national threats -- even fear of the atom bomb -- were
    largely relegated to the political sphere. Most people may have worried about
    nuclear warfare, but it encroached on their private lives only at the margins:
    Not very many of us built bomb shelters in the backyard. But the fear of climate
    change has invaded our private and everyday lives.

    Indeed, because global warming and the efforts to halt it
    touch on nearly every realm of policy, the environment has become a moral prism
    through which all other issues are being filtered. Whether or not they actually
    care about the environment, partisans of all stripes are using the issue to gain
    the moral edge. Now, even the anti-divorce "family values" folks have
    environmental ammunition.

    There are many more examples. In July, an obscure
    environmental impact report issued by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management was
    quickly embraced by anti-immigration activists because it found that
    undocumented migrants were an ecological threat to public lands in southern
    Arizona -- when they crossed the desert in numbers, a fragile ecosystem got,
    literally, trampled. Opposing advocates argued that the increasing
    militarization of the border was an even greater ecological threat than the
    migrants themselves.

    Climate change has even entered the realm of sexual politics.
    Last month, a female Swedish scientist found that "women cause considerably
    fewer dioxide emissions than men, and thus considerably less climate change." A
    green think tank in London has urged British couples to think of the
    environmental consequences of having more than two children. It released a paper
    showing that if couples had two children instead of three, "they could cut their
    family's carbon dioxide output the equivalent of 620 return flights a year
    between London and New York."

    Similarly, last month a London tabloid featured a 35-year-old
    environmentalist who asked to be sterilized so she could contribute to the
    effort "to protect the planet." "Having children is selfish," she insisted.
    "It's all about maintaining your genetic line at the expense of the planet."

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    That's an interesting article. Personally, I think the woman last quoted needs to have her head examined--although it does mention in the article that it's from a Tabloid, so it might not be true. Um, pretty much all forms of life are driven to reproduce themselves, so why do humans become culpable of a great crime against the world and nature by having children?

    I am horrified by the global warming issues. At the end of the last Ice Age was anyone getting exercised over the ice melting? Climate change goes in cycles, natural history shows us this.

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    Summed up in one quote:

    But the fear of climate change has invaded our private and everyday lives.
    Oh, really?
    Not really.

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    Completely right.

    Very few people are smart enough and observant enough to see it.

    Nobody can say no to the imposition of cost to remedy the damage... but there is so much being levied on the masses that is placed under the guise of going green..

    Anyway, let the lemmings run on the mill....

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    The funny thing about lemmings is that they don't really do that. Oh, the irony. Green, as it is.

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    I am beginning to believe (My theory) that global warming has something to do with huge levels of pollution getting caught up in cloud cycles and causing snow in various regions not to form so easily leading to early melt and therefore distablising the whole weather cycle.

    I'm not sure even if carbon in that situation would be the primary cause, it would likely be some type of chemical compound(s) that we might not even be properly testing for....

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