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    Quote Originally Posted by Fan.of.Devin View Post
    Enlighten me.
    If you cannot prove a hypothesis experimentally, all you have shown is that you have failed. You have not proven the hypothesis wrong.

    This "debate" is not interesting, in any way.
    "We grow up thinking that beliefs are something to be proud of, but they're really nothing but opinions one refuses to reconsider. Beliefs are easy. The stronger your beliefs are, the less open you are to growth and wisdom, because "strength of belief" is only the intensity with which you resist questioning yourself. As soon as you are proud of a belief, as soon as you think it adds something to who you are, then you've made it a part of your ego."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lateralus View Post
    If you cannot prove a hypothesis experimentally, all you have shown is that you have failed. You have not proven the hypothesis wrong.
    I said that a lack of evidence for a hypothesis is taken as a evidence against the hypothesis (and it is); I didn't say it disproves it... You can't really prove/disprove something if it lacks falsifiability in the sense of having no evidence for or against it obviously.
    New evidence can arise at any moment, so perhaps at some point in the future, we actually will find evidence of a causal link between autism and vaccination. Until then, I feel content in believing that vaccines do not cause autism, because, that is what the evidence indicates (the evidence being; the lack of evidence that it does cause it).

    If you'd like to continue this discussion, lets move to PMs/visitor messages, or maybe a new thread, since this is kind of offtopic.
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    So is there any way to prosecute this guy? He certainly deserves it, but I'm unsure how to do that without threatening the advancement of scientific knowledge (a lot of conscietious work is just plain bad or compromised by bias, and it can be difficult to distinguish between those and fraud in a way that does not broadly discourage research and publishing by newcomers and amateurs).

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    Yes, he has lost his reputation and license to practise medicine. Not being able to practise science or medicine is a big disincentive.

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