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    Quote Originally Posted by marmalade.sunrise View Post
    I can't grasp being that wrapped up in the Internet. Maybe it's because I don't play video games, perhaps it's a certain kind of mindset that is similar to people who get wrapped up in Dungeons and Dragons or WoW, and I have more of a social/people/animal oriented brain.
    Without commenting on the story itself, I'll say that it's very very easy to lose track of time within a game, especially online where people are playing around the clock.

    I just got my new computer system online, and reloaded Dragon Age. I ended up playing it all evening, in two-hour increments. It is pretty amazing how two hours can go by so quickly while only seeming to be about 25-30 minutes.

    MMOs (multiplayer games) are even worse, if you are doing dungeons or raiding, since you are playing with anywhere from 3-50 other people, all in coordinated efforts, and you can't just leave abruptly in the middle. Some raids are also timed. It's one of those things where the group and the circumstance reinforces complete immersion in the task at hand, to the detriment of whatever is going on around you. At least single-player games, you can typically save and pause in the middle no matter where you are. With the raids, you are pretty much tied to the game until the raid is over, and if you bail, you're going to negatively impact everyone else you were playing with. It's very easy to lose track of real life if you're a committed raider.
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    Quote Originally Posted by William K View Post
    From what I remember when I first read this story in March, the baby was premature and had health problems. The parents decided a virtual baby with no deficiencies were more to their liking. In their minds, it's more a case of denial than neglect.
    Wow. So there's a chance it may have been intentional.

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    Yes, that's a good point. I find even single player video games highly addicting, if I like them. I can play well into the night, hours and hours past my usual bedtime, without being aware of time. I can't start if I don't have at least several hours free (and set an alarm if needed). The MMOs are way less interesting (for me) gameplay-wise, but the social ramifications can make the pull to stay pretty strong, too. The game are designed that way imo - if you're playing ALL the time, you'll never think of cancelling your subscription.

    You know you have a problem when you're not taking care of important daily tasks though, up to and including feeding your children!!
    -end of thread-

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    I almost dropped out of college playing final fantasy.

    Well it wasn't that bad but I missed a lot of sleep playing the game.

    Law and Order had an episode about this... the little girl was dirty and starving, while they put craters on the couch taking care of a vitual kid. It's pretty sad, but that's the way the world is set up today. People are so selfish they'll let their kids die off. I mean the bond between a parent and child is usually very very strong. It takes a strong disorder to get in the way.

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    This is nightmarish...they left the baby alone for twelve hours a day? I cannot grasp this ...

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    I can't grasp this either...I spend a good deal of time online I can't see this as an excuse, though. I've spent many an hour online while my little person was nursing (NAK--nursing at keyboard) or I was holding him or her while they slept. Or just plain stop what I'm doing on here and go take care of what I need to. I wonder what was wrong with the parents...babies send out such strong attachment cues, they are almost impossible to ignore. I don't see how anyone normal could ignore them...especially the mother. You're physiologically rigged to 'do something' when you hear an infant cry. Poor little one...a terrible and lonely death.

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    You have to remember this happened in the most wired country in the world where the first (and only?) recorded case of someone playing videogames *to death*. There was a South Korean cabdriver who got so caught up in marathon StarCraft sessions he literally expired a the computer at one of the computer cafes. Also, this couple had to leave the house to play the videogame, I think that was a large part of the draw, to have a reason to physically leave the home and not be around the child. I think it would have been much harder to unintentionally neglect your child to death had they been in the same home. I'm going to guess the couple was not well off so their place cannot be so big that it's easy to loose track of where a kid is.

    Very sad. They should have just given the child up for adoption or put it in a state agency.
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