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    Smile Enlivened by the truth.

    They've been lying to us for so long, they have forgotten how to tell the truth. No wonder they're embarrassed.

    But worse we want to be lied to. We want to feel good. So the liars and the bien pensant have made the perfect marriage and the only casualty is truth.

    Some of course have backbone and insist on telling the truth in the teeth of the lies, but they pay the price.

    But the truth is out and won't be put back in the bottle. And who knows, we may loose our taste for lies that make us feel good, and we may develop a taste for being enlivened by the truth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JivinJeffJones View Post
    Your justice system has the military, strategic and economic power of the EU backing it up. We have only our alliance with the US to protect us from a possible Chinese invasion. If that's too hypothetical the Indonesian economy is predicted to outgrow the Australian economy in 10 or so years IIRC, which would give their military the upper hand over us for the first time in modern history. You can be damn sure they'd be willing to invade us if they could do so without the risk of decisive intervention from the US. Australian and US leaders both know that. There's no way in hell Britain would step in to save our hides no matter our shared queen, heritage, historical/cultural ties etc. Even if they could. Therefore Assange would be mad to come back to Aus anytime in the foreseeable future. Our leaders would surrender him as soon as it was politically survivable to do so. If both major parties agreed it was in Australia's best interests (likely) that could well be immediately.

    Best you stay in England, Julian.
    I disagree. In the current state of the world, the occupation of any western country would bring a strong allied response. You underestimate the number of countries that feel indebted to Australian troops from WW1/WW2 also. And if the US refused to protect Australia because we did not send a citizen there to be tried under bs laws, none of their other allies would take them seriously again. We refused extradition of a US citizen a few months ago because of our objection to the death penalty, and it's not that unusual for us to do. The relationship between allied countries really isn't that immature; it's just that our politicians have no spine. I hope if Julia keeps acting the way she is that a green and a few independents cross the floor and tell her bye bye. That isn't a scenario I'd underestimate either. Many of her backbenchers support Assange, and the existence of her government relies on 3 independents who hate political games and a Greens (environmental/human rights) party member who will be as liberal as they come.
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    To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
    ~ Elbert Hubbard

    Music provides one of the clearest examples of a much deeper relation between mathematics and human experience.
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