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    Smile The City of Darwin and the Four Continents

    I am standing in the city of Darwin. Behind me stretches four Continents, Australia, Antarctica, South America and North America. And before me is laid out the soft underbelly of Asia.

    But what a funny name, 'Darwin'. Named after the greatest man of the English Enlightenment, Charles Darwin.

    And above me, rides high in the sky, the Southern Cross. The Cross looks down and sees four Continents in a straight line around the Earth, pointing at Asia.

    These four Continents in a line look like a giant spear, a spear 15,000 miles long, with Darwin at the tip.

    And how appropriate for Charles Darwin is the point man for the Enlightenment.

    And how appropriate he should be pointing at Asia, still yet to experience the Enlightenment.

    But just as important as the tip of the spear is the shank - four Continents all lined up, and surrounded by all the world's oceans.

    And who can blame those wanting to destroy the Enlightenment, for it was achieved without them.

    So here I stand in the city of Darwin with nothing in my hand but the power of an idea.

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    A rather hazy idea.

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    Smile Through my eyes

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicodemus View Post
    A rather hazy idea.
    Of course it is a corrective to eurocentrism or even the point of view from the northern hemisphere and the north polar star. Rather we are looking at the world from the point of view of the southern hemisphere and the southern cross. And of course we get a very different point of view.

    And how natural for me to do this as I am a son of the south. But also I am a son of the enlightenment and a son of Darwin. But how extraordinary and how appropriate that we would name the capital city of the northern territory, Darwin.

    And you are right, the view is hazy as the mist lifts from those born and bred in the northern hemisphere, but it sharpens as you move south.

    Your night is my day, and your autumn is my spring, east is east and west is west just as north is north and south is south, and I am standing in it watching the twain meet.

    As the internet makes it possible for you to look at the world through my eyes.

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