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Weird, I think some sort of bug caused me to post that twice.

And you're right, I am talking about crimes like embezzling and fraud. With white collar crimes, it's almost as though the bigger the crime the less trouble for the offenders. If you defraud one person, you go to jail. If you defraud 300,000,000 people, the government bails you out.
I think that's a very good and important question, it raises a lot of the kind of tax payer vs. investor questions which Germany raised this week during the discussion of RO Ireland's bail out, you would not believe the reactions, from accusations that they where threatening stability across the EU, even world economy, by stoking class struggle, that capital flights could occur if investors are compelled to suffer as a consequences of their decisions or take personal consequences on a par with the consequences the taxpayer has handled for them to even in some quarters allegations that it was very possibly anti-semitic undertones involved (WTF?).

Personally I think some major, global restructuring could be called for if the investors are able to operate like such a maverick and unaccountable class of individuals, the Golden Geckos are making a complete sham of the very concepts of democracy, popular sovereignty and personal responsibility which in theory are bipartisan or consensus issues.

Countries like the US and UK wont want to know though because despite the fact that it does not create anything tangible apart from "thin air" wealth it is a major source of revenues, is entrenched with the political classes and their social circles and scenes and a major source of establishment graduate recruitment (in the UK pretty much all employment besides "the city" in the south of england and london especially has been wound up and closed down, with attendent substitution costs to the taxpayer).