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    Default Why I think Libertarians having a good showing this election year is a good thing

    I didn't want to derail my help-with-voting thread with a debate, so I am starting a new one.

    I should mention than I am a Decline-To-State voter and usually vote for non-partisans, third parties, or people with track records of crossing the political aisle. I am not a Libertarian (tough I share some of their views).

    First off, you don't know with 100% certainty they will lose. But that is not the point. If they make a strong showing (like the Reform party did a while back), they could actually set up a possibility of having viable candidates for the following election (the Reform part did get a high profile governor into office).

    Some say the way I vote is "throwing away a vote," but I believe that you should not be gaming the voting system to pick the "lesser of two evils," but have your voice heard (metaphorically) instead.

    This year, more than ever, fiscal conservatives with socially liberal views can have their voices heard.

    If Republicans lose some elections due to having the fiscal conservative vote split (they're likely going to take back the house anyways) , it will make the election next time really focus on bridging that gap. They may let go of pushing creationism in schools, blocking stem cell research, and other such things.

    Most of all, they will think twice before they ever try a bail-out of big banks by tax-payers, and may take steps to prevent such a thing from happening again. That was basically socialism for the rich. If you're a Ron Paul style conservative, that was beyond the pale.

    The Green party certainly got the Democrats' attention...and now most left-leaning people take environmental issues quite seriously.

    A strong showing this year means a possible stronger showing next election, and so on.

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    That is the whole purpose for voting alternative.

    When Ron Paul ran for president, most of knew that he had little chance of winning in this insidiously rigged system, where third parties or non-liberal/conservative stances are ignored or quietly snuffed out from the big picture. The point was to bring real issues to the fore and make a statement that would be felt in the future. And in my opinion, the Tea Party, who temporarily split from the Republican party before being re-absorbed, was just one result of libertarian efforts.

    Further more, election time is also a good time to build solidarity, and the campaigns and group that arose around the Ron Paul election have transferred to political activist groups like Campaign and Young Americans for Liberty. The success of an election cannot be measured by a poll-count. Social and political networks get built, further candidates are inspired and rooted, and the mainstream loses credibility (the rise of the Tea Party was a temporary setback for the GOP). And if Ron Paul hadn't run for president in 2008, then his sun Rand Paul probably wouldn't have won Kentucky in 2010.

    The next wave will be even more significant...

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    I think yesterday's election was a warning for the Democrats... and also a warning for the Republicans, even the ones who ousted incumbents. The warning was "Screw up this chance and we will boot you out." It's not going to be politics-as-usual from here on out. There are too many people out of work for that.

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    I just want to be sure you guys all know that libertarians are not cool anymore.

    Proceed with the thread.

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    ^ :yim_rolling_on_the_

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    I personally wrote Ron Paul in for the '08 election, mostly as a protest vote.

    Can't say I'm much of a fan of his son, however...
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    Any indication of a significant third party emerging is very good for me, because it increases the chances that I will find a significant group with which I can identify. That the new group shares beliefs completely different than my own is irrelevant, because the other groups with have to realign to accommodate a new group that can no longer be shuffled into an existing party. Because this will happen, and happen fairly quickly, there now exist a larger number of groups to pledge support to and the influence you have as an individual is increased within whichever group you choose to align with.

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    Anything that destabilizes the choke hold the party system has on political power in the US is a good thing.
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    A three party system would be much better than a two party system. The tea party certainly had the ability to create an affective third party, and I would have hopped around with joy if they had. Unfortunately, they instead chose to devour the Republican party, and the way they act, I get the impression that they'd really rather have a single party system.

    In a way, I'm not sure that this election cycle is actually good for libertarians. The result of libertarians going to the Republicans could kill and chance of an actual libertarian third force the same way that major parties adopting progressivism killed the progressive movement (and all of that early century progressivism were wiped away quickly by Hardin and Coolidge).
    Furthermore, if you really analyzed the position of these tea party candidates, you will find they trend toward being ultra-right-wing. That is, they are too fundamentalist, too socially conservative to be true libertarians.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    I just want to be sure you guys all know that libertarians are not cool anymore.

    Proceed with the thread.
    Things that are truly cool never go out of style. Freedom is truly cool.
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