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    Freedom is roof over the head.
    Take the Gypsies, for example.
    They build their own huts in a wasteland. They steal electricity, and they have running water.
    Clever people do not expect consent from the authorities.
    You do not need it.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lateralus View Post
    It makes sense that the policy would have a 75-85% failure rate. Most homeless people have some sort of mental illness or learning disability. It's relatively rare to come across a case where someone is just being "lazy".
    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post

    The practice now is to try and educate kids about consequences, generally natural and logical consequences, those are not even gainful compliance formal rules and obligations but how to avoid accidentially or unintentionally becoming a loser, ie your social scene will shrink if you smell, dodging out of education, work, cleaning, tidying etc. amounts to more work in reality than simply getting your shit done in the first place.
    I think educating kids (and improving their living situation/resulting mental issues) is the best place to start, definitely. Once you're that far outside society it's really hard/impossible to find your way back.
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