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    Quote Originally Posted by Manis View Post
    Totally right about Bliar, Lark. New Labour was a thatcherite party. Give people some targets to work towards, give them a good war, they'll act like predictable little cogs. Bolster the banks, ignore tax evaders, make everyone rich (everyone who counts), increase benefits to subsidise subsistance wages handed out by failing industries, when the figures start looking bad just shift the goalposts and borrow a little more. When that doesn't work lie through your teeth.

    The scary thing about Labour isn't their obligations to the unions (workers' rights are what they exist for, clue's in the name), it's that they managed to turn completely @rse about face and ditch their principles without anyone piping up or trying to stop them. Ed Miliband isn't nearly as red as the right-wing media (inc. the BBC) are making him out to be but I think he'll take Labour back to where it's supposed to be. We need a decent left-wing party in opposition right now, because the Tories are not going to stop with the deficit. They're pretty much the same as New Labour except they don't care a hoot if the plebs can't make a living.

    He is definitely the right brother for the job too. David's reaction to losing just proves that he was only interested in power, not in what's good for the Labour party or the country. Good riddance.

    I don't think thats enierly fair, I'm no lover of Labour but i think David had the sense to realise that it would have been more difficult for his brother to get elected if he had stayed in the shadow cabinet. I mean, the media was already becoming obssessive over the whole 'cain and able' metaphors, it would have been 10 times worse if David had stayed, leaving Labour a bigger farce than it already is.

    Its been proven time and again that the politics of the actual left are unopopular with the country, and you don't get elected. Thats what happened to Labour in 1983, it takes something like the second world war to deliver a genuine socialist party with a decent mandate (as in 1945).

    Labour are out dated and obsessed with statism still, they can't see that the country has moved on. I notice Ed Miliband was still even talking about '5 year plans' for industry like any former soviet premier. Hopefully the AV referendum passes and at the next election we can secure real proportional representation. then we can have all sorts of views represented. I'm a traditional Liberal (market and social) but I wouldn't mind working in coalition with any party/s that delivered a half decent platform on the things I care about.

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    Out of the two of them Ed is the only one that even attempted to show some principles. David is a slippery careerist who was happy to regurgitate the New Labour line. Time will tell whether or not it was the right choice, but do you really want more of New Labour? That most certainly has worn out its remit, but what you say about support for left-wing politics is wish-making drivel, it's Labour's cack-handedness not their ideology that gives them so much trouble. Expect a considerable surge in leftyness soon with the Conservatives pricing the poor out of education, punishing people for not taking work that doesn't exist, 'freeing' the poor from the 'trap' of being given enough money to feed their children, rewarding the rich for being rich and doing absolutely f all to stimulate economic growth. And the supine Lib-Dems are going to need your support, my friend. Their lost integrity will translate to lost votes.

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    I didn't see it live, but I have watched repeats of Mr Milibands debut at PMQ. I have to say I was rather pleasently suprised, his performance was solid. I think David Cameron was not expecting such a strong performance, and has clearly underestimated the Ability of Miliband.

    Milibands peformance wasn't the most polished, you could tell he hadn't spent hours in front of a mirror rehearsing it, but I feel this was all to his benefit. Miliband seemed real, he spoke like a human being, not the sound bite spouting machine that is David Cameron, who could only manage the rather pathetic, 'His not Red, his Brown'.

    There's already been one David to underestimate Miliband, let's hope that Cameron is the second.

    Oh and Manis, I agree, the Lib Dems have certainly lost Integrity, but then what do you expect from the party who have continuously gone back on pre-election promises. To name but a few: Deficit Reduction policy, VAT rise and Tuition Fees. I find it rather ironic that there inital Party Political Broadcast was called "Farewell to Broken Promises". If you want to view it here's the link

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