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    Quote Originally Posted by Lateralus View Post
    That's the default argument the prohibition crowd uses when all of their other arguments have been refuted. He's used it more than once in this thread.

    By the way, I think his complaints were directed at my response. I was the one who broke his post up in my response. Frankly, I don't care what he thinks of my presentation. It's obvious that his objections are just an attempt to avoid addressing the fact the he's wrong.
    Hang on a minute, I wasnt accusing you of being drug users I was saying that drug users and drug pushers have an especial stake in this deal which should be obvious, now consider objectively if they make society better or worse with their "trade" or if they're on a par with poisoners, which was my point. Nice constant deflection and also nice "othering" and group think there too.

    Typical libertarian. Small minds. Small thoughts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fan.of.Devin View Post
    I don't think it was only directed at you.

    Methinks he got a little too excited and decided to proclaim my post chopped up before he went through the trouble of such formalities as actually, you know, reading it.

    Or more likely, he was just desperately scrambling for any way to effectively throw up the white flag without directly implying he's conceded anything.
    Dont be hopeful, why would I concede when you're arguments have all been so unoriginal and simple minded?

    I didnt read your post for the exat reason I mentioned already, instead of imagining that you've won some triumphant victory why dont consider that what I said I actually meant?

    A totally chopped up post is difficult to read and respond to, if its going to prove so difficult then where's my motive? Are you likely to be persuaded? No, you've pretty much proven that you're on message with an ideology here, engaged in a point scoring contest so not much real discussion is going to take place.

    Are you a poster who I'm interesting in engaging with irrespective of our differences? Well, no, not from what I've read of your posts so far, perhaps that may change but for the time being no, there's some posters who I dont agree with at all on key issues or topics but who're able to make original or interesting argument or conversation, reguritating a lot of arguments I'm already familiar with isnt it.

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    Jeffrey Miron talks about why legalization would be good for the economy and society here.

    Just Say : Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance
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