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    Default Why no one should have died on the Titanic

    Titanic sunk by steering mistake, author says - Yahoo! News

    According to this guy, in this article, if they had just stood still, the rescue ship would have probably shown up on time and no one would have needed to die.

    I wonder if that's true at all? Is this some crazy new information, or just someone trying to get into the public limelight?

    If it is true.. Why?! Why CONTINUE to move with a huge hole in your ship?? Why needlessly sacrifice 1500 lives?
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    I think Why, is because they thought they were doing the right thing, hindsight is 20/20...
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    Because the bulk heads it was assumed would save the ship, the hole was not at the front of the ship but along the side of the ship cutting across the hull and bulk heads wouldnt save it.

    It was arrogance not mistaken steering, the Titans where destroyed by the Gods for arrogance and challenging them, the Titanic represented the same thing, people kept saying it was unsinkable so what happens? Dont tempt fate.
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    The command and the resulting action of the helmsman were correct for the time. Eventually the commands, the intended direction, and the turning of the wheel would match, but at the time the Titanic the old method was being used by the company, so a misunderstanding would have been unlikely with a helmsman who had about 10 years experience with that steering system. Difficult to imagine the helmsman panicking when the danger was unlikely to be visible to him. It's also hard to imagine why Lightoller would keep such a mistake secret since it would not reflect on himself, or the company.

    Titanic's Wheel

    Another explanation of why the helmsman wouldn't have been confused by the order given:

    More severe than the turn was the order to reverse engines on a ship traveling 20 knots or so. It takes time for the props to reverse and it takes even longer for an effect on a rudder. Continuing forward as before might have allowed them to clear the iceberg since the turn would have had an immediate effect.

    As it was the ship only turned 2 degrees from the original course, so turning starboard or port probably wouldn't have made a difference except to which side struck the berg.

    Hitting the iceberg head-on might have been better, but that's speculative since it didn't happen.

    I'm also not sure if the ship continued to sail on under power. It would have continued to move forward beyond the iceberg, but it wasn't going 20 knots when the lifeboats were lowered, and the last command had been to reverse engines. I've never heard of any later order to suggest they continued sailing after they hit, especially after they realized how severe the damage was (Ismay insisted on speed earlier in the voyage, but it's hard to think of him doing so at a meeting after it was realized how serious the situation had become.)
    Everyone was slow to accept the truth, but the captain knew early enough to order lifeboats lowered, so he wouldn't also order the ship to make speed.
    Plus if the ship continued to move any distance the Carpathia would have been heading to the wrong location, which also didn't happen. The ship stopped as quick as a liner can, was at the reported location, and Louise Patten's fantasy can't make the rescue ship arrive any sooner. The only way Carpathia could get there in time would be if the Titanic wasn't actually sinking.

    I think Unsinkable by Daniel Allen Butler is likely the best book to fix the disaster within the period when it happened, and his objections to the second guessing of later generations seem valid. Louise Patten seems to fit into the category of those needing an conspiracy angle to sell a book - Butler tends to establish a number of small errors that let up to the sinking, but also explains why none qualify as a conspiracy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    It was arrogance not mistaken steering, the Titans where destroyed by the Gods for arrogance and challenging them, the Titanic represented the same thing, people kept saying it was unsinkable so what happens? Dont tempt fate.
    Not to mention failing to provide enough life boats for everybody - which violates common sense.

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    No point in determining this now.

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    So that James Cameron would not have been able to make 'Titanic' and, consequently, 'Avatar'? Indeed.

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