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    Quote Originally Posted by Lateralus View Post
    "Gay marriage" is not an oxymoron...
    Those in favour of civil marriage for same sex couples have been outflanked by Islam.

    For Allah's unalterable word teaches that polygamy is right, good and just.

    And although civil marriage for same sex couples is not polygamy, Islamists in the West are already claiming their religious right to polygamous marriage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seymour View Post
    So, I don't like Christine O'Donnell for several reasons. I don't think she's well-informed on the realities of economics and governing and I don't think she's making herself available to answer questions about her positions and statements. I fear the Palin-esque trend of only speaking from a podium and never having to answer tough questions about what, exactly, one believes and what one meant by certain statements. Listening to the more adversarial style of other countries' interviews of politicians makes it clear how the media in this country treat politicians with kid gloves. And now some politicians are opting out of even that.

    On the flip side, I think making fun of her "whacky" statements is counter-productive, because many of them reflect what some Christian conservatives actually believe. By making fun of O'Donnell, one is feeding into their persecution complex and making them feel like a misunderstood minority.

    i reallyyyy hate the idea of the US government run by people who align with a religion. it goes against the past 200+ years of tradition of increasing religious freedom, and the long-held doctrine of separation of church and state. plus christians really want to get all up in my private business where i think they don't belong. i'm okay with conservative economics, but get your beliefs the fuck away from how i want to conduct my private life.

    unsurprisingly, o'donnell was promiscuous as a teenager and now speaks against abstinence. following the general pattern, it's okay for you to be naughty but then "reform", and tell others that they are not allowed to do what you did. because it's Wrong.

    she also calls the US a socialist nation. :rolleyes2:

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Liquid_Laser View Post
    You know I noticed something funny about myself a couple of days ago related to this. I was watching Tony Blair on the Daily Show. I found myself having a lot of respect for him. Ironically I loathe Bush for getting us into Iraq. And yet Blair has had essentially the same stance as Bush on Iraq. So I'm not entirely sure why I respect Blair and hate Bush. (Anyone else experience this?)

    Although I think US media and foreign media have something to do with it. I've seen Tony Blair have to answer tough questions publicly (several times in fact), while I've rarely seen Bush have to do this.
    yes!! i caught that show as well and i have to say i really liked blair on it. i didn't always agree with him, but i liked that he was willing to be grilled by Jon Stewart for the sake of explaining his political stance.

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