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    I grew up in a post-Communist country, with family that'd all been negatively affected by the regime. My grandmother's family (2 adults and 4 kids) were kicked out of their home and had to live in a barn for a while, my great-granddad was hung from a tree and beaten until he passed out because he dared speak out against the state, and my great-uncle was in a labour camp for 4 years in Russia. Hell, my parents were in the revolution to overthrow the government, although it was more of an idealistic move than based on any real strong belief.
    Regardless, I grew up with strong feelings against Communism (although I did go through a phase where I was fascinated by it, mainly because Romania got even worse post-Communism) and a strong centralized government.
    Because I've always studied economic theory, I think it was only a natural progression for me to become quite interested in libertarianism. I'm now a business owner in a country that's progressively more leftie by the year, work in a highly regulated industry (that's being crippled by government intervention) so of course I've gravitated towards the whole less government, more capitalism thing. I'm also a pretty independent person overall and hate being told what to do so the idea of being babied by an (incredibly incompetent) government (full of idiots who can barely do their job, and the only reason they're employed in the public sector is because they couldn't make it in the private) drives me crazy.
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    I grew up with a Democrat father and a Republican mother. My dad's favorite political thing is that he never voted for Nixon at any level. I grew up in SoCal when it was pretty conservative, but the libertarian style of California. My friends and I made up songs mocking Jimmy Carter. My parents were very happy Reagan won in 1980.

    I was a bit more libertarian than the excepted norm, but has all for supporting the Cold War. As I got older, I started questioning these beliefs more and studied modern and classical theory. I read extensively, even in high school, and watched political shows as often as I could (not much available in the 80s).

    I started questioning aggressive foreign policy by the time I went to college. I meet Ron Paul in 1988 and voted for him. I had friends and acquaintances that were very far right and argued against them (John Birch types). Realizing I disliked the extreme right ideology moved me into the great middle and I started crafting my own ideology. I have voted Libertarian, Reform, Green, and only once each for either a Democrat or Republican for president. I usually vote on the Republican primary though not always.

    I told off Harry Reid in 1992 and he offered me a job, but I turned him down because I had another job in DC lined up with a national security affairs agency, but it got shut down. I had only minor ideological differences with him at the time. I also got approached for the CIA, but I was already moving away from that direction.

    I dabbled with Objectivism until I got in am argument with a Objectivist friend over whether you could be religious and be an Objectivist....

    I did canvass for various politicians and spent time with a few congressmen at different functions.

    As time has gone on and as I have gained in knowledge, I have moved pretty far left on economic issues (I despise Alan Greenspan) and find Veblen to be the best economic theorist. On international relations, I believe in realpolitik and supporting the national interest. I have moved to be more non interventionist and against free trade.

    I am generally libertarian on social issues, but am concerned about cultural issues in a more conservative manner (preservation is important, rapid change as bad, etc. I do like classic liberal political theory.

    The more I read the more I care about culture and community and civic life an what increases or diminished it.

    I am generally pessimistic about the state of the country and the world. I figure it will all fall apart before I retire......
    Quote Originally Posted by Archilochus
    The fox knows many things--the hedgehog one big one.
    And I am not a hedgehog......


    Jesus said "Blessed are the peacemakers" not "blessed are the conflict avoiders.....

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    “Orthodoxy means not thinking--not needing to think. Orthodoxy is unconsciousness.”
    ― George Orwell, 1984
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    Default Romanticism and Reality

    I was bitten by reality.

    I have heard the siren call of Romanticism, dipped my toe in, and got bitten.

    Romanticism is a reaction to the Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries, and takes a number of forms. It can be found in the Communist Manifesto, the hippy movement, the Islamic Caliphate, and many Romantic cults, such as our cult of mbti.

    Romanticism is highly seductive, it appeals to our weaknesses, and the face of Romanticism is firmly set against evidence and reason, freedom and equality.

    Romanticism thrives on narcissism. Narcissism puts blinders on us, and directs our attention in one direction only. Narcissism is hypnotic. Narcissism is blind to the rights of others and so is not cognisant of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Narcissism is deeply ugly. Narcissism is alien to the deep down freshness of things. Narcissism is incapable or originality, discovery, and empathy.

    So mbti provides the perfect venue to study and understand Romanticism and narcissism.

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    Grew up in Belgium, in a nationalist right winged household.

    Have voted for the right, the left and i have abstained, depending on how I felt the representatives were that year, and which issues needed addressing in my book. I think all of them have merit, and need to be kept up with, in balance without going too extreme in order to progress a society. I also felt that while the Left had the great ideas in my country, they sucked at execution. And vice versa - the Right often had terrible ideas or were too conservative to try new ideas, but were better and more realistic at implementing the ones they did have. If only they could come together and recognise each others strengths...

    That said, I personally do for the most part identify strongest with the Left, due to my focus in life and the values I hold dear.
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