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    Thumbs up Fascinating Podcast Covering Economics

    NPR: Planet Money is a show (one that I listen to as a podcast, available on the iTunes store) that takes economic issues present in the news and break them down making them easy to understand.

    Those of you who listen to NPR will be familiar with the very popular show that sired Planet Money: This American Life.

    Two years ago, This American Life did two episodes: The Giant Pool of Money (which earned a Peabody) and Return to the Giant Pool of Money. They break down the financial crisis step by step, interviewing people who were present in various links of the chain, and they are the two most fascinating hours of radio I have ever heard. They were so popular, that a show was created to chronicle the housing crisis as it happened. The show has since evolved to cover a wide variety of economic topics, and below is a link to the show as it is today.

    Planet Money : NPR

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    Thanks! I'll add it to my playlist.
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