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    Default Rally to Restore Sanity, March to Keep Fear Alive.

    Stewart, Colbert announce Washington rallies -
    Rally to Restore Sanity battles March to Keep Fear Alive -
    Rally to Restore Sanity
    March to Keep Fear Alive

    Quote Originally Posted by CNN
    Two Comedy Central funnymen are apparently entering into the partisan political fray with rallies of their own in the nation's capital.


    Stewart said on his Thursday show that he had reserved a spot on the National Mall.

    "The forms have been filled out, the checks have been written," he said.

    Stewart and Colbert have submitted one application for a permit for the Washington Monument grounds on October 30, National Park Service spokesman Bill Line confirmed Friday.

    "A permit is not finalized yet, and they are still working through a resolution as for any event," Line added.
    With all the talks about rallies and marches, this made me laugh hysterically. This practically came out of the left field. I would expect some sort of rally or march would be held sooner or later, but from two comedians?

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    Ed Shultz is also having one. Sometime earlyish October, I think. They should get together.
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    If it were feasible I'd go.
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    phoenix13 and I might go. It depends on how lazy we're feeling that day.
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    totally want to go but this sort of thing isnt fun by myself.

    love it.

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    I love Stephen Colbert.

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    We've reached an age of true political nihilism. More people follow and get their information from comedians and entertainers than from anyone actually involved in the political arena. Of course who can blame people? They have no access to the real political arena so all that remains is entertainment. I guess we'll see whether or not entertainers can actually make a political difference. In the end, at least it will entertain... which trumps bored political impotence, I guess...
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    I dont really understand this, what are they marching about? Is it kind of street theatre or spoof?

    It sort of coins with something I seen on the 43things website once in which someone had listed all these social goals like go to a gig, go to an open air concert, go to see stand up and had go to a political rally in the middle of it. Its become a form of entertainment, something like a football match and sports fans.
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