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    My reaction is similar to Ivy's. Big deal, it's banned on campus for a week. If you want to check it so badly, go to the public library, or check it from your (or a friend's) smartphone. It's not like facebook access is an inalienable right.
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    I feel old when I observe my own reaction to this kind of thing. My first reaction is to think stuff like, well what do they need it so badly for, we did fine without it.... Then I think, oh god listen to me.

    It's not a big deal, but I don't support banning it on colleges. High school, sure. Parents and teachers are considered more responsible for students' grades there. In college, students are adults and should be able to decide for themselves if these sites distract them from class, and restrict their own activity if they do.

    I'm a bit surprised at the LinkedIn ban; that seems like a big career networking site. Why restrict access to that?

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    Overall this seems like a good idea. I'd like to see how the experiment turns out.

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