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Thread: Armed Believers

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    Default Armed Believers

    No, its not a thread about Magic's worst nightmare.

    Sikhs, I was watching The Wolfman the other night and there is a bit in which one of the main protagonists is talking with a Sikh butler who is armed to the teeth, he has the traditional dagger which has caused a commotion in the news and public debate in the UK:-

    BBC NEWS | UK | Sikhs protest against knife rules

    Anyway, he has that but he has a rifle and other weapons too, he states that it is a tenet of his religious observance that he always armed against evil in the world.

    I wondered if anyone knows the accuracy of this, in the BBC article that I've linked and the other things I can find (Wikis mainly) it is rather vaguely put that the dagger is part of four or five objects, including a comb, uncut hair, an iron bracelet and a special undergarment are of spiritual importance.

    The thing is that its a weapon, its not a pocket knife and pretty much looks like it couldnt be used for much besides being a weapon, does anyone know of any other cultural or faith communities which have similar criteria for their believers?

    I know that militias in the states used to cite the king james bible's messages about always having a sword by your side or something like that for a while until I think it was discovered this was a misquote but I'm not sure.
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    I'm sure they have some parallel commandment about not killing people or something. You'll be fine.

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