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    Quote Originally Posted by Peguy View Post
    I have no need to be lectured to about Christian teachings.
    I thought I'd give you a break from the lecturing.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    Gosh, the world looks so small from up here on my high horse of menstruation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peguy View Post
    The UK media has become just as much trashy and sesationalist as the American media, only the British are able to maintain a thin veneer of aristocratic custom to it. So instead of the American "Jane, you dumb slut" you get "Jane, you uncultured and unintelligent Oxford-educated wench".
    Hey! Those are my favouite kind of wenches!

    Quote Originally Posted by onemoretime View Post
    Great Britain has been virulently anti-Papist since the days of Henry VIII. Move along, nothing to see here. I mean, they don't even hang effigies of the pope on Nov. 5 anymore.
    Only in Lewes, Sussex, as it happens.

    [YOUTUBE="wc1lwKfSQ1g"]Buurn the Pope![/YOUTUBE]
    Everyone else stopped years ago, and now contents themselves with burning the effigy of a naughty Catholic plotter named Guidio to entertain the kids. A tremendous advance in religious tolerance, I think you'll agree.

    Quote Originally Posted by Xander View Post
    Okay at this point I stop.

    The conversation could continue but the delusion offends me too much.

    I don't troll but I also don't predict people's wants and provide additional information which I decided to just hint at instead of illustrate fully unless asked.

    I also provide no special reserve for religion being anything other than a hobby. Not matter how obsessive the person.

    Have fun.
    Running away Xander?

    Of course, if you thought yourself that anything you were saying had the slightest merit or could be substantiated with intelligent argument (if you have any to make, which I doubt at this point), I expect you'd want to discuss it further if you remain in the thread. Instead you remain, afraid of serious debate which you are unable to stand up for yourself in, merely to produce such mindless attempts at witticism as this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Xander View Post
    Well true but they have been idolising a book for like two thousand years so what's one more?

    Anyhow perhaps the guy swings, you know, like Shaft? Perhaps he's just a rock star?
    You make yourself perfectly clear. Don't think you're kidding anyone except yourself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post
    LOL. Ambiguity=trolling?
    Nope. I've already explained this, so your selective attempt at re-interpretation is a little tiresome in its disingenousness. Nevertheless, I'll repeat it: Intentional miscommunication in order to provoke a reaction from others = trolling. Obviously you're taking your support from where you can get it though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    One of the heads of the Belgian Catholics said today that the Church can only be saved by moral courage.

    I felt kinda sad at this. Of course he is right. And there is no finer virtue than moral courage. In fact all the other virtues depend on it. But moral courage is a big ask.
    One would certainly have hoped that they posessed this by definition. If they fail to show it where they need to here, they undermine one of the foundations of their own credibility, which would be a great pity.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post
    Pretty damning. If it doesn't already have it, let it perish.

    What a disgusting show of hypocrisy and idolatry this completely unprepossessing man's visit has already become. Just sickening.
    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post
    Nope. If there had been boos and jeers or deserted streets I'd have been quite satisfied.

    People sobbing hysterically over an 89y/o leader of an organization they probably have no contact with outside of birth/marriage/death is hypocrisy and idolatry. And idolatry is anti-Christian and therefore hypocritical by defintion.
    Interesting... You're starting to sound like some kind of hardline Protestant demagogue with these vitriolic attacks on the "hypocrisy" and "Idolatry" of Catholocism as opposed to your personal vision of what true Christianity should be. John Knox himself would have been proud. I think I could distill similar sentiments from this charming little sermon if I had the patience to read it in detail: Treatise on Prayer (1553) by John Knox

    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post
    I respectfully asked you to modify your tone, that's all.
    And followed it with "or don't bother to contribute". Please don't be disingenuous. :rolli:

    Then your standards leave much to be desired. In that one post alone (to Xander) there were four separate personal insults/attacks. It cheapens both you and your argument when you resort to those tactics.

    Then you fail. Because you are being abrasive here, and without provocation, from what I can see. Feel free to call me on any unprovoked attacks of my own as you see fit, but don't use that as a defense. It's lame.
    I have nothing that I feel the need to defend myself against. I was merely reponding to your earlier attempt at intimidation by explaining why I was choosing to disregard it.

    If I have been robust in dealing with anyone here, I have already given my reasons, not because I feel compelled to do so, but out of courtesy to those who care to read, which includes the people in question. I am not going to rehash them here when you choose not to pay attention, because if you'd wanted to you would have got it the first time. Your comprehension is very selective here as it has been throughout the thread, but I'm afraid I've come to expect nothing else of you once your emotions become engaged. Anyway, I'm not biting, so throw your big basketful of red herrings to the penguins, or someone who might actually swallow them.
    Look into my avatar. Look deep into my avatar...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    It's always a waste of time shuffling a half-dead cadaver around the world.

    But at least John Paul II didn't look like a demon, they should bring him back.

    He does look sinister. I think it's because of his expressions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peguy View Post
    Considering he's a head of state? Ever thought of that?
    This is a good point.

    Whether you should recognize a theocratic state is another matter entirely. Though, if you don't want to, that may be a slippery slope. Are you really up to liberating Vatican City?
    -Carefully taking sips from the Fire Hose of Knowledge

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    Quote Originally Posted by 01011010 View Post

    He does look sinister. I think it's because of his expressions.
    I think it's the evil eyes. They go like an inch into his head, creating permanent shadows.

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    He does sure look like he's a Sith Lord but what you going to do? If Hans Kung hadnt gone off the nutty end of the scale perhaps the reactionaries wouldnt have felt the need to promote Ratzinger.

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