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    Default Pentathlon Switches to Laser Guns for 2012 Olympics

    Here it is.

    Laser guns will replace traditional air pistols in the modern pentathlon at the 2012 London Olympics after a successful trial at the inaugural Youth Olympics.

    The technology will reduce the cost of the shooting element of the five-event sport by two thirds, while the improved safety could mean new venues are used.

    Klaus Schormann, president of world governing body the UIPM, said: "We will have laser shooting for London.

    "We can now hold competitions in parks and shopping malls."

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    I wonder how trigger pull works on these guns.

    A large part of the challenge of shooting a pistol is precise trigger pull, and holding the gun in such a way that the recoil, or in the case of an air pistol, vibration, is consistent from shot to shot, leading to an accurate group. Stance, of course, will be maintained as important.

    I'm not that great with guns, though, so someone with more experience might have a different view on all of this.
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    To save money on labor costs, I hear the lasers will be fired by sharks.
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    This provision is being made because the Brits are so accursedly gun-phobic.

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