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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    Concretely, I support allowing public use of firearms (concealed carry especially) with common-sense regulations such as background checks and possibly psych evaluations. I want a gun. I don't want potential nutters to have one.

    well I think you're missing the brilliance of the idea of giving EVERYONE guns, especially the nutters: if you give a nutter a gun, he's not going to be a nutter much longer. He's going to be DEAD because he can't handle himself and the gun properly. There's less reason to kill him off if he isn't being an active pest, so give him a gun as a test. If/when he misbehaves with it, shoot him. You need to make the nutters obvious/out in the open or else you cant kill them all off.

    The idea is that if everyone is armed and left to fend for themselves in utter anarchy, the only people left standing alive are going to be civil-minded, cooperative and justice-oriented human beings - everyone else will be fucking dead. Of course some of those justice-minded folk will die killing off all the assholes/nutters and pests, but "You can't make an omlette w/o breaking some eggs" etc.

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    Who wants to try a bottle of merc's "Extroversion Olive Oil?"

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    The guy had a point. *snort* Sort of.
    but I certainly wouldn't have made it to the Discovery Channel. Dumb Ass.
    What a way to go out though. He acheived his goal...recognition by the media. Not a total failure.
    Currently submerged under an avalanche of books and paper work. I may come back up for air from time to time.
    Real life awaits and she is a demanding mistress.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Domino View Post
    Mayans. Couldn't predict their own demise, it seems. Selective precognition? Sort of like my granddad's selective hearing? lol
    The Oracles will mess with you, its why the Christians rebranded them as demons and suggested people close themselves off to them.
    All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.
    Chapter IV, p. 448. - Adam Smith, Book 3, The Wealth of Nations

    whether or not you credit psychoanalysis itself, the fact remains that we all must, to the greatest extent possible, understand one another's minds as our own; the very survival of humanity has always depended on it. - Open Culture

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