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    Default Sudan sentences 19 men for wearing women's clothes

    Sudan sentences 19 men for wearing women's clothes | News by Country | Reuters

    One lawyer present, who declined to be named, said legal advocates would have been afraid to take on such a defence.
    Sounds like there has been a genocide taken place. I don't get this. Another country where gay people runs the risk of execution if caught. That's one thing. But why are they so hung up on how people dress? Are muslims fetishists? Or is religion just used as an excuse for some other psychological phenomena? There are muslim countries that seems to not have these needs to control the population, and take a slightly more backseat place? I think(but not sure). I am worried though, and cases like this makes me look down on muslims as being retards, probably all religion, right or wrong?

    I think it's also punishable with death if a woman gets raped. The woman gets executed. I'm sure there are several other cases that show this same mentality that I struggle to understand. I think it's the same mentality that you often see in non muslim countries. Only that in religious settings this tends to be exaggerated to the extreme(the evil of religion?). This hints to me that religion is not the root cause, only the catalysis. What is the root cause?

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    Saddening. That's really all I can say.


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    The manner of a religion's practice will have a lot to do with the social structure in which it is being practiced. Sudan (in parts to the north, anyway) has taken on a rather totalitarian form. This system encourages and prolongs draconian religious practice because it generally works in favor of those who want control.
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    [QUOTE=sleepy;1305407 Another country where gay people runs the risk of execution if caught.[/QUOTE]

    Another one?! Shit there are so many...
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