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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    Some of what's being posted as democracy I associate with elections instead or representation. I view democracy as being more about popular sovereignty, built up on personal responsibility, then again I dont associate it entirely with government or politics but having a much wider application. Not sure I could find a good picture for that though.
    In my mind democracy at its core has to do with Separation of Church and State. "What," you may ask, "that is just one part of the Bill of Rights?" Well in a democracy people elect their leaders. This is certainly one necessary part, but that alone is not much freedom if you have to be of a select group in order to vote. Separation of Church and State says that everyone is welcome to participate even if their beliefs are wildly different from the norm. If you can accept people with a radically different worldview then you can accept anyone.

    That is why, for example, I'd say Iraq is not a democracy. Sure they have elections, but only some of the Muslim sects are participating. They aren't willing to accept the other groups as legitamate citizens. And you can forget about Jews trying to live in Iraq. In my opinion, Iraq will not really be a democracy until a Jewish family will feel like they can safely walk down the streets of Bahgdad. Essentially democracy is about taking your disagreements to the voting booth instead of settling them with some type of violence or oppression.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beargryllz View Post
    a positive change? What does that even mean? It has happened many times in the past, depending on who you ask. But somebody (or many bodies) will always be dissatisfied with any change, no matter how "positive" the general consensus is.
    that was kind of the point actually

    i was thinking about the ways a tyranny, which has very "bad" connotations, might actually be good (for the general public).

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    Smile The Limitation of Power

    When we discovered that power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely, we decided to limit power.

    And the way we limit power is by liberal democracy.

    In liberal democracy we limit power by the separation of church and state, by freedom of religion and by the separation of powers: the separation of the Executive, the Judiciary, the Legislature and the Free Press.

    Hegemons seek to maximise power while liberal democracies limit power.

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    It looks like Marilyn Monroe and JFK locked away in a room with Champagne, while watching Frank Sinatra entertain them between Colbert Report and after sex talk

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