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    Default Remedies for human miseries

    “The cure for the greater part of human miseries is not radical, but palliative.” Dr Johnston

    Do you agree with this statement? Its by a British Conservative from a very, very long time ago who is an eminently quotable character for a lot of journos and politicos in the UK.

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    I'm confused by the dichotomy between these two words, as they mean things which aren't entirely related.

    If I look at it from the word radical, I'd say I agree because I'm always more of a reformer than a revolutionary. But if I look at it from the word palliative, I disagree, because I believe prevention is better than cure, and cure is better than mere treatment.

    This is just based on what I would have intuitively assumed the other word in the dichotomy would be. Based on the two that actually are there, I have no idea what to say.
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    If you consider it as poverty rather than misery, I think that is what is being talked about immiseration of this sort, it is suggesting that no structural change is necessary but remedial or residual measures, such as private charity. At least this is how I've heard it interpreted.

    Like a lot of conservatives Johnston thought that having evidence of certain choices resulting in prosperity and certain others resulting in poverty was beneficial to society or utilitarian.

    He didnt think poverty was a result of systematic maldistribution resulting from structural problems in the economy but poor choices. Therefore he felt that, while it could be subject to measures providing for its relief, in time people would learn what was what and it would die a natural death.

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