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    M ick Keelty must have a professional murder organization in Australia who must bethe

    murders of Sgt Steve Leach of NSW police, the hero of Australia. Leach has conducted investigation over most difficulty murder cases in Austrilia. The murders have monitored on me for M ick Keelty in Canberra. The link of the murder organization and Mick Keelty has been discovered.

    Summary of the death of Sgt Steve Leach of NSW police:

    I always thought about the death of Sgt Steve Leach of NSW police. I Knew he was murdered and by who, but the reality was no one would find out the truth of his death and no one really wanted to catch the murder: Michael Wallace, the AFP police and other killers. Sgt Leach was a very quiet and smart police detective and he was one of only few the best detectives of Australia who could solve the most complicate cases. He has solved many complicated murder cases. He worked on and solved the cases: The case of the murder of TAX driver Kevin Lester. The murder Shannon Wilson has been convicted. The murder case of Samantha Knight. The murder Michael Anthony Guider has been charged. The seven backpackers murder case. The murder Ivan Milat serving life in jail for seven murders. The last case Leach has solved was the murder of Zoe Zou. The murder, AFP police officer, Michael Wallace has been charged for the murder and having 39 unregistered guns. Sgt Steve Leach was the hero of Australia.

    But the hero has been murdered on August 3, 2004 since he solved the case of the murder of Zoe Zou, found the murder who was the AFP police Michael Wallace.

    The clues provided by the media reports:

    1 He didn't have any symptoms of the stress. He had fun with his colleagues in the club in the last Friday before he died.

    2 After solved the case of murder of Zeo Zou, he went to Europe and involved with the war criminal investigation. In Europe, he had 'car accident'. His leg was broken. It's a sign of murder.

    3 He came back to Australia for sick leave after his leg broke.

    4 Then he was found died in the Building of NSW police headquarter in Parramatta where the murder of Zoe Zou, AFP police, Michael Wallace, was locked.

    5 Few hours before Leach died, another NEW police officer, senior constable Ian Ross Dennis, found died in a hospital. The death was also labelled as suicide. ( The Australian media reported the officer died for medical reason. But the Chinese news paper reported that the death was labelled as suicide.)

    6 Leach was found died by one gun shot at his head in NSW police headquarter building on 03/08/04.

    7 No anyone officers in the building declared as the person who knew or saw Leach entered the building.

    8 No anyone in the building has heard the shot which indicated the shot must be with silencer.

    9 No silencer was found in the scene, which indicated the silencer must be taken by someone else, the case must be murder.

    10 After Leach died, there was a cut on the forehead of Wallace. The judge asked him how it happened. Wallace rejected to give answer.

    11 After leach solved the murder case of Zoe Zou , found the murder was AFP police officer Michael Wallace, he has not been promoted as should. Which was the reason manipulated to label the death of Leach was suicide.

    I have analysed over the case, (I used to be short time registered private detective.) and I reckoned: The death of Leach was possibly double murder ( At the time, I only could say that it's possibly double murder, because I have no evidences): The murders included AFP police Michael Wallace murdered the NSW police officer Ian Ross Dennis first to attract the managers of NSW police out the Headquarter building of NSW police. Then they released Wallace out the cell, they caught Leach. When Leach defended himself, he cut on the forehead of Wallace. The murders killed Leach with one gun shot with silencer. After the murder finished the murders took the silencer away and set the scene of suicide.

    The motives of the murder:

    1 Michael Wallace wanted to revenge and kill Sgt Steve Leach because Leach found that he was the murder of Zoe Zou. Wallace couldn't conduct the murder on his own must along with others because Wallace was locked in the cell of the Headquarter of NSW police.

    2 Because, at the time, the trial would be started soon about the murder case of Zoe Zou, Leach would be police witness to turn up in the court. He must have some solid evidences to prove the murder and gun issue, Michael Wallace and his murder accomplices decided to kill Leach. They possibly have plotted to kill Leach with car accident in Europe when Leach was in Europen, which didn't kill Leach. When Leach came back Australia, the murder has been conducted and Leach was murdered.

    I sent my analysis with my document to Bob Carr, the PM of NSW , at the time. Apparently, Bob Carr did want to inspect the case. But he got lot of trouble and forced to retire. Morris Lemma replaced Bob Carr. Soon after he stepped on the stage, he immediately announced that the death of Leach was suicide. Lemma was crook as I believed.

    I have seen the reality: The police officer, Steve Leach has donated him life on fight with the criminals for Australia and Australian. Then he was murdered by the criminals: the AFP police crook (s ?). Leach died just like an ant, no one would do anything for him.

    I felt very sad and heart ache. I always remember him and his death.

    It have been discovered that the murder of leach was in Canberra and monitored me for

    Mick Keelty, the commissioner of AFP, at the time. The link of Mick Keelty and the murder

    orga nization has been explored

    Because the news: "NEWS of Sgt Leach's death came just hours after a Walgett-based officer

    died from a medical condition in hospital." ( p4, Daily Telegraph, 04/08/04)was very important

    clue of the double murder, I wanted to recopy from the microfilm of the newspaper with the

    NEWS in National Australian Library, as my copy was worn-out.

    On early August 2008, I went to the National Library Newspaper Reading.

    I have printed out what I wanted in the reading room from the microfilm of Daily Telegraph.

    The 'NEWS' was on the page 4 of the Daily Telegraph, 04/08/04 as it should be.

    But when I went back home, I found the copy was missing. I wouldn't be sure it was stolen from the library or from my home. But one thing was sure that copy of the NEWS has been stolen. And it's stolen by the person who monitored me in the library all the time for Mick Keelty. Since I revealed the crimes conducted by Mick Keelty, I have been under monitor all the time wherever I have been and whenever the time was.

    On 29/08/08, Friday, I went to the National Library again and wanted to print out the copy


    To me surprise, I found the NEWS used to be on the page 4: "NEWS of Sgt leach's death came

    just hours after a Walgett-based officer died from a medical condition in hospital." was

    disappeared from the microfilm of Daily Telegraph!

    I realized there must be something wrong.

    To get the evidence, I went the library again on 04/09/08, I have booked the original newspaper in the library and the I\IEWS was clearly on the bottom of the right column of page 4 of Daily Telegraph, 04/08/04. I have copied the whole page.

    At the mean time, I have printed out the copy of the page4 of the Daily Telegraph, 04/08/04 from it's microfilm in National Library of Australia front the eyes of the witness: Suzanne Morris, the manager of the reading room and I asked her to sign on the back of the page of the copy as the witness to prove the copy was printed from the library. She made statement on the back of the copy and Signed for me.

    Why it happened? There would be only explanation: The crooks monitored me for Mick Keelty , must be the murder(s) of leach as he /them didn't want me to have the NEWS because it was very important clue for the double murder. That's why they deleted the NEWS from the microfilm of Daily Telegraph .

    Because on the top of the NEWS in the right column of the page of the newspaper was the

    report 1/ We've lost one of finest".

    I have compared with the same report on the same page of original newspaper and the

    microfilm of the same page: II We've lost one of finest" and then I have found the content of

    the microfilm in the report II We've lost one of finest" has been distorted and longer than

    original, therefore, the false report could cover the all right column in the page of newspaper.

    The copies of the two reports were enclosed. Please compare them.

    Mick Keelty is a suspicious serious murders:

    Mick Keelty has been few suspicious murder:

    Mick Keelty must have a professional murder organization in Australia. It must be them: who

    have murdered the Walgett-based police officer, senior constable Ian Ross Dennis and Sgt Steve

    Leach at the same day.

    During the time I revealed the crime conducted by Mick Keelty, I have been poisoned by toxin

    arsenic. The diagnosis of chronic arsenic poisoning has been made by Canberra Hospital upon

    on the pathology test result and sing of chronic arsenic poisoning on me.

    After Mark Latham gave me reply for my letter revealed the AFP corruption with the AMP demerge and NAB $360m losses and said he would take investigation over the matter of AMP and NAB if he could win the election, Mark Latham was seriously and suspiciously sick before the election. The result of election 2004 also was suspicious. I suspected that Mark Latham was poisoned before the election 2004( Mark Latham also suspected that he was poisoned as he said in his diaries) because Mick keelty didn't want Mark Latham to win.

    I sent my letter to ALP after 2004 election and expressed my opinion. To me surprised,

    afterward, the original letter of Mark Latham was stolen from my home and saved letter of

    Mark Latham in my floppy disk also was deleted. Shortly after, I found a false Mark Latham

    letter lied in my briefcase. After I realized the false letter, the false letter was also stolen from

    my briefcase. And few moths after, the false letter was sent back to me. The ghost story

    happened in my home just told me that Mark Latham must have been poisoned. I spoke out the matter to public with the copy of the false letter with confidence. Then the false letter,

    again, was stolen.

    I reckoned the crooks could have different opinion of dealing with the letter of Mark Latham which was clue for the motive why Mick Keelty wanted to poison Mark Latham and manipulated the result of election 2004. That's why the original letter was stolen and replaced by a false letter, then stole the false letter and sent it back and eventually stole the false letter. Covering would make crime even more obvious. According what happened to me, I would very confidently say that Mark Latham must have been poisoned by Mick Keelty as he didn't want Mark Latham to win the election because Mark Latham would take investigation over the matter of AMP and NAB which behind by the crime conducted by Mick Keelty. Although I have no direct evidences, what happened to me have given me confidence to believe: Mark Latham must have been poisoned and result of election 2004 must be manipulated by Mick Keelty.

    Mick Keelty must be the murder Chief Police Officer of ACT, Audrey Fagan.

    I have given my letter to Audrey Fagan in 2006. The letter has expressed my view of AFP police corruption. Before Fagan died, she has taken investigation over the middle level AFP police corruption and she have long time conversation with Mick Keelty three days before she died. After conversation, Keelty (( suggested" Fagan to have holiday. Fagan have holiday in a hotel of Queensland . On the second day, Fagan was found hung in the room of the hotel, at the afternoon.

    In the early morning of the day Fagan died, Keelty made a very suspicious phone call to the Minister for the police of ACT, Simon Corbel. The phone was explaining why he suggested Fagan to have a holiday.

    At the afternoon, after the phone call, Fagan was found hung in the room of the hotel. The death has been labelled as suicide by Mick Keelty. The police have searched the scene soon after the death. There was no anything left by Fagan indicated the death was suicide.

    But on the second day after police searching, there' found' a paper with Fagan's writing which 'told' why she suicide.

    The question was why the paper was not found at the day Fagan died by police searching. I suspected the paper was set up.

    The phone call from Keelty to Corbel before Fagan death was very important clue: Mick Keelty must have known Fagan would be murdered before she died.

    Mick Keelty , therefore, is the suspicious murder plotter.

    There was another case: Then Keelty was young police officer involved with the investigation over the Italia muffle with his partner, AFP police detective, Ritor Balvoski. One day, a car accident happened. Ritor was suspiciously died. Keelty has no even one cut. According to the report of the media, by reading between the line, apparently, Keelty didn't call the ambulance immediately as the report said: they have waited for long time for the ambulance. Ritor was live when he was sent to the hospital. Keelty was, at first, in the hospital, and then he left the hospital and Ritor was found died.

    Keelty was the suspicious murder by AFP. But he was protected by a policewoman.

    So many cases of murder have pointed at Keelty as suspect murder.

    Now the link of murder organization and Mick Keelty , eventually, have been discovered by what happened to me in National Library with witness.

    I have sent my letter to the commissioner of NSW police, Andrew Scipione and req uired to reopen the case of the death of Steve Leach.

    I have sent letter to the commissioner of NSW police, Andre Scipione and required to reopen

    the case of the death Steve Leach with the information what happened to me in National

    Library with witness statement.

    The reply from the officer of commissioner has told me that my information would be deemed

    before the NSW police decision.

    Seven months after, I received the letter from the detective, Oxford, of homicide department

    of NSW police. The letter told me that the detective, after the deem, would bring all my

    documents to the board of NSW police for consideration.

    The detective letter has proved that the information I sent to the police were valuable for the

    consideration, they were not delusion.

    ( The copies of the page 4 of Daily Telegraph, 04/08/04 from the original newspaper and from

    the microfilm were enclosed, with witness statement .)

    Please make judge on me after read this document: whether I have delusion or I have logical

    convincible reasons for my opinion and belief.

    I have right to free express my opinion and belief, even though, the opinion and believed could be right or wrong, or could be disagreed any others.

    It's international human right law: the people have right to free speech, free thought and free believe.

    Fan Lee

    Rivett ACT Tel: 0423969008 Updat

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    Yeah, about all that...

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