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Ok, I'm seeing that we don't have an opportunity to select every one of our service providers we're dependent on Tho, I'm not sure what you meant. Probably not what I thought of.

Legislators are chosen in elections. Superintendent chooses the janitor. You choose the grocer, the nearest or some other kind you desire. I don't know about schools. Energy company can now be selected in Finland, tho the most economical provider is still most often the one located near your municipality, for reasons of increased power transfer costs from longer distances.
The energy companies conglomerated. You do not choose in a conglomerate.

Read history.
In America: Theodore Roosevelt broke the trusts.
Hence America prospered.

In Finland the conglomerate exacts an undue price not only in energy.
It is an all around circus.
A legal theft.

Ironically, the conglomerate tactics go hand in hand with the interests of the unions; the interests of the unions go hand in hand with the interests of the mob.

The superintendent does elect the janitor, as you say.
Who elects the superintendent?
The one who pays his wages?

The legislators are chosen.
By the electors?

In Bern.