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    Default Media Spin (Prop 8 example)

    I just had to laugh.

    Here are two different headlines based on the same AP announcement.
    But you cannot be sure what is actually happening until you read the article.

    Here is the opening of the article:

    Quote Originally Posted by AP article
    SAN FRANCISCO – A federal judge has ruled that gay marriages in California should remain on hold until at least Aug. 18.
    Judge Vaughn Walker set the deadline to give gay marriage opponents time to appeal to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. If the appeals court fails to act by 5 p.m. local time on Aug. 18, then gay marriages can forward.
    Here are the two vastly different headlines:
    Quote Originally Posted by Yahoo News
    Judge keeps gay marriages in California on hold
    Quote Originally Posted by CNN Feed
    Judge in California will allow gay marriages in the state Aug. 18
    Both are technically true.


    And is the bias intentional... or do people just see what they would like to see?
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    I don't see the bias in either headline.

    Bias would be something like 'Activist Judge allows gays to marry against will of people'. or 'Judge allows freedom to marry despite Prop 8'

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    I go on about media bias all the time, but in this case it looks like Yahoo is unbiased, and CNN is either biased, or just poorly worded, or put it that way to get more readers.
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