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Lark, I think you don't understand what the cops can be like here. I've only had the slightest of encounters -- where the cops actually thought I was a black woman because I had my hair in long cornrows and it was dark outside -- and it scared the crap out of me. And I was never afraid of the police before in my life. I was happy to see police cars and considered the policeman my friend, just like a child. I am afraid of them now.

Police need supervision and yeah, we should be able to film them any time we want. Especially if they're in public.

Yeah, I know the score, my mate from America has told me what they are like and we have really bad cops here too, I was playing devils advocate for the most part, do you not find that a hell of a lot of the anti-authority threads become a one sided cheer leading effort very quickly?

I think its a reflection of a really lousy libertarianism which has become popular and pretty much part of the pop culture too, I used to respect libertarians when they where more balanced, for instance Orwell wrote the greatest anti-authoritarian books of all time but he also reproached left wing enemies of the empire and army because they attacked the uniformed officers whose service they indirectly benefited from. Its not so much the case anymore.

Anyway, I kind of think David Brin's predictions about pervasive surveillence which is not simply the work of the state but the work of everyone is on its way, I agree with Claire Wolfe too that it is wrong and submissive to suggest that people collude with it when they value their privacy but I think it'll happen whatever people want.