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My questions are then... How is the situation for gifted children in your country in school? How should school for these children be? If you are gifted yourself (especially interested in 140+ IQ responses, and please mention your IQ), how did you experience school?
"Gifted" is a euphemism. I'm pretty sure the Baby Boomers made it to make the normal kids feel all nice. I'll just switch "Gifted" out with Smart. Sorry its just that after I read George Carlin's book that was mostly about euphemisms I just can't stand them anymore.

Well, the situation for the smart kids here is pretty bad (southern cali). Last year I was in all "Honors" classes, but to my dismay, most of the kids in the class were not of the high intelligence I expected. I would become INCREDIBLY frustrated by how slow some concepts would come to these kids, wasting my precious time. I'll give you an overview of a few of my classes.

My english teacher could not for the life of him understand my writing, he'd always write that my sentences were "awkward" in essays. The only writing that I like to do is free writing, Real, Creative, FREE writing. Sadly, we really only had 1 or 2 free writing assignments throughout the whole year, the majority of it was 5 paragraph essays *shudders*. So pretty much the entire year was exclusively beneficial to the SJs. Also, I had the most missing assignments in the class (By FAR), but still managed to get a B both semesters by getting the highest grade on the Finals. I also never studied for the class, ever (I Never study for any class), and when I told my teacher and peers that I didn't study for the finals but managed to get the highest grade, they looked at me like I was some sort of idiot.

My honors science class was just pathetic. The teacher was a babbling moron and would make massive, stupid mistakes on the simplest of algebra problems (that had to do with science of course). I was so frustrated by not learning anything of value in the class, I would pull out my Hawkings books during class and read them instead. The majority of the year I would sit next to FP's so they would let me copy their homework, so homework wasn't as much of as issue. The tests were all multiple choice so I pretty much aced all my tests. I'm just looking forward to next year, where I'm taking 2 science classes, physics and chemistry, I think they'll sync together quite nicely.

History was SO bad, that I'm not even going to talk about it.. lets just say the teacher pretty much taught us like we were 5 year olds. Our "note taking" was filling in blanks on notes that were already printed for us.

The highest I've EVER scored on an IQ test was 155, but I'm sure thats bull. I average 140, but it honestly depends on what each test has preference for. I don't think IQ is a reliable indicator of intelligence. Being a smart INTP in school isn't the best thing, to get good grades in school I would switch to ESTJ (it is pretty much Designed for them). Any questions about my school experiences I'll be glad to answer