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    Default Man Sits on a Gold Mine & Refuses to Move

    Man sits on gold mine, refuses to budge - Yahoo! Canada News

    Part of me would take the offer and move.

    The other part can't help but admire the guy for standing up against the mining company.
    Weathergirl: District 38 is sunny. Slight rock showers this morning. Chance of rock showers into the afternoon—20 percent. District 39 is cloudy. Chance of rock showers this afternoon—10 percent.
    Edward: Bebop here here! Alright woo hoo!
    Weathergirl: Chance of rock showers today upgraded to 90 percent.
    Edward: Really.

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    Hold out for $20 million. Best plan.

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    On the outside, he paints himself as some sort of martyr, some noble champion of the people who refuses to back down from his morals...

    ...but reading between the lines, it's pretty obvious the guy is little more than a wash-up desperate to get what he can from the mining company and failing miserably. He's fighting a losing battle.


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