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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixelholic View Post
    Why though? The Taliban poses no serious threat to us. 9/11 was the equivalent of a cheap shot when you aren't looking. A better way of dealing them would be to be smarter with defense beat them at the propaganda war.

    Our actual response was more like beating the guy who sucker punched you to within an inch of their life with a spiked bat.
    The Taliban were the de-facto government of (virtually) an entire country that blatantly and defiantly harbored international terrorists after they attacked American soil; leaving such a safe harbor in place would not only be unwise (i.e. a stable base of operations combined with relative impunity would result in greater numbers of increasingly sophisticated terrorist attacks), but more importantly it would be a signal to hostile governments with greater resources that the risks of allying with international terrorists-or willfully turning a blind eye to their presence-was very low.

    The salience of these security concerns has shifted somewhat since the initial overthrow of the Taliban (even after the revival of the Taliban, their American-engineered fall is still an abject lesson) , but retreat at this stage would still be very costly and would lead to unpredictable and potentially disastrous consequences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pixelholic View Post
    We should have gone in and gotten OBL and then left instead of dicking around for ten years.

    Oh, the Find Osama button was hidden behind our coffee cup the whole time. Silly us.

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