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    Default It really is a New Year

    I was thinking that due to the fact that so many things run on yearly schedules, that a new year really is a chance to start a lot of things new, so I wanted to start a list of practical things that are "reset"/cleared/whatever due to the new year (give or take a few weeks).

    1. A new semester or quarter for school
    2. A new fiscal year for many (including a new year for performance reviews)
    3. A year before seeing many friends or family again in person. (New impressions, questions, new things to catch-up on)

    I thought the list could be made longer, but IMO, even what I listed are pretty important.

    Accept the past. Live for the present. Look forward to the future.
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    It really is a New Year
    Doesn't feel like it. But it does feel like the start of a new semester at university, which, to be honest, I'm not looking forward to. My university has put me through the ringer. The service and understanding on their part is nonexistent. They're dumb, infuriating, negligent, etc. I've never liked school (in fact, I've always hated school), but I am pretty damn appalled. And I've only been there for one semester!

    I'd really like to just quit and go to work for seven bucks an hour at just about any old joint. ANYTHING would be better than this. I mean really.

    But ok! Back to your topic. Hmm. Yeah, even reviewing your list, it still doesn't feel like a new year, does it? It'll take me a while to remember it's 2008. But I guess if you can imagine, in your mind, that you have a clean slate, it's pretty nice. Right now I am relishing the fantasy of quitting school, grabbing my friends, saving up for a little while, and going on a long trip to Europe with them. I would have the best time. GOD, I want to do this now.

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    A whole year before people start nagging again about drinking lots and doing stupid repetitive things involving celebrating having to change their calendar?
    Isn't it time for a colourful metaphor?

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    It's just a new day, things change all the time, as an example:

    Acedemic years start in september.
    Uk fiscal year starts in April
    Performance reviews in Norwich Union happen in March... ( prob has something to di with the above...)

    things change and can start a new every day...

    So every day we should celebrate, drink and count down to midnight... for tomorrow we die!

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