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It may not be reported like that, but the fact is foxes are not protected any more than any other animal. Foxes can be trapped or snared but only by a professional pest contractors. They can also be culled but for the most part a cull wouldn't much if any effect, as it is a short term measure and other foxes would only replace them. Also, councils are highly reluctant to cull animals because it is costly and many residents are opposed to the practice in cities.

What law exactly says one can't protect a loved one from being attacked by anything or anyone including a fox?

Since when has doing basic things like shutting outside doors rather than leaving them wide open at ten at night been considered a state of lockdown?
I'd consider it lock down, they wherent negligent, they had had a barbeque and then when indoors and hadnt cleared the barbeque away or shut up house yet, even they hadnt closed the doors what odds? You have ever right not to expect foxes to enter your house like that.

There's been no cull, the parents where on the TV says that if it had been a domestic dog it would have been destroyed, not so the urban fox. You cant poison or shoot them, you have to have a professional pest controller trap and either shoot or release them.

I believe the castle doctrine to be honest, animals straying onto your property let alone invading the home are fair game, then again I believe a lot of things which arent so anymore.