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    Quote Originally Posted by millerm277 View Post
    Got a family member who owns a business of any sort? (preferably without your last name on it) Good news, you're now employed! As an added bonus, you also have a wonderful reference on the quality of the job you're currently doing.

    On a more serious note, this is incredibly shortsighted, and assumes that people are laid off solely based on the quality of the job they're doing. Also, it's going to mean you need to offer a higher salary (in my opinion), because coaxing people to switch companies is a bit tougher than getting those with no income to accept a job offer.
    wait my mom has a small chocolate business that if worst comes to worst i can work for and look for another job.

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    I find this to be pretty similar to making friends.
    If you have friends, than it's easier. When you don't, it's so much harder, because then they'll label you as being incompetent, socially or in the workforce.

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    This is true.
    I've been able to walk in and out of jobs, until I tried to start a business. Mind you not quite the same thing, I guess. Also don't try and apply for retail jobs, when you have scientist splattered all over your C.V. They think you aren't going to stay.
    I ended up lying through my frackin' teeth. My case worker at the time, couldn't believe some one like me was having so much trouble trying to get a job (some one like me being some one who obviously does the hard yards, is qualified, adaptable etc, etc).
    Currently submerged under an avalanche of books and paper work. I may come back up for air from time to time.
    Real life awaits and she is a demanding mistress.


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    This is what i tell my clients (in the UK)

    - Take a good look at your CV. Imagine you are the employer and you have 80 CV's/application forms in front of you. Would you put your CV/appli form in the Yes pile. Be honest, lol.
    - Take advantage of voluntary work. The company may employ you when a vacancy becomes available or it just looks good that you'd be willing to give up your time and not get paid for it.
    - Forget the stigma of being on benefits, go and apply for it. It opens so many doors with regards to free training/courses etc.
    - Just because you have a degree from another country and although it is recognised, you won't get a job in that field until you have experience here.
    - As someone else mentioned, you may be a scientist (my father) but if you are applying for a gardener position, remove the degree from your CV .. You'll be over qualified and you won't get a look in.
    - Read the person specification and actually give examples on the application form as to how you demonstrated these skills in previous employment. Don't assume you'll give them the info at interview. You may not get that far.

    I've told a friend who was sacked for gross misconduct from his last job and has had trouble finding employment (currently at uni) to put on his CV that he helped the family business in India. How can they prove it??
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