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    Default Did Gray's Work Ring a[n Alexander Graham] Bell?

    Interesting article on Yahoo today, about a recently published book.

    BOSTON -- A new book claims to have definitive evidence of a long-suspected technological crime — that Alexander Graham Bell stole ideas for the telephone from a rival, Elisha Gray.

    In "The Telephone Gambit: Chasing Alexander Graham Bell's Secret," journalist Seth Shulman argues that Bell -- aided by aggressive lawyers and a corrupt patent examiner -- got an improper peek at patent documents Gray had filed, and that Bell was erroneously credited with filing first...
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    Interesting article. There are stories like that around many groundbreaking inventions. I wonder where we can find the digitized notebook of Bell. It would be an interesting read.

    As for Bell transmitting speech instead of telegraph messages. That seems to be key. It was Bell's area of speacialty.

    I still think of Armstrong as the father of radio, not Marconi or Tesla.

    A lot of current day RF technology is based off of Armstrong's work.

    Also, a lot of current telehone technology is based off of Edison's work.

    Patent system is a thorny (and potentially corrupt) legal system, and it seems it may have been for a long time.

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