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    Quote Originally Posted by lowtech redneck View Post
    Information, efficiency, time, etc.

    Imagine a world without banks. It would kind of suck.

    Now probably they should not make as much as they do, but they still provide and important service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Usehername View Post

    I feel badly for all the Americans who aren't WASPs who will probably need to carry their US papers around everywhere.
    What do you mean papers? How about a U.S. Citizen Identification Card? I think everyone already carries a drivers license around with them, a credit card, or money. That shouldn't be such a hassle. I'd gladly carry that card around if it means getting rid of illegals, whether they are Mexican or not.

    How is this thread so off topic? Also, last I heard for the past 110 years US has lead in manufacturing. China may beat us next year.

    Katsuni, what do you mean the service industry doesn't produce anything. (Mind you banks are in the services.) The world is heading in the services industry because its easier to produce things. Banks produce speed. Banks allow you to get the car or home you want now. Some banks help corporations grow immediately as opposed to waiting for no reason all while providing a way for people to retire. They produce securities.

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