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This echoes the motto, "The means justify the ends".

And this has led to horror in the past; and with Islamic suicide bombing, leads to horror today; and will led to horror tomorrow.
As far as I know, "Islamic suicide bombers" don't argue that "the means justify the ends".

If you read back a page you will see this discussion was already had. Trotsky dealth with the question of "means" and "ends" quite well, I repeat my earlier links and quotes (emphasis mine):

Leon Trotsky: Their Morals and Ours (1938)

Let us admit for the moment that neither personal nor social ends can justify the means. Then it is evidently necessary to seek criteria outside of historical society and those ends which arise in its development. But where? If not on earth, then in the heavens. In divine revelation popes long ago discovered faultless moral criteria. Petty secular popes speak about eternal moral truths without naming their original source. However, we are justified in concluding: since these truths are eternal, they should have existed not only before the appearance of half monkey/half man upon the earth but before the evolution of the solar system. Whence then did they arise? The theory of eternal morals can in nowise survive without god.

Moralists of the Anglo-Saxon type, in so far as they do not confine themselves to rationalist utilitarianism, the ethics of bourgeois bookkeeping, appear conscious or unconscious students of Viscount Shaftesbury, who at the beginning of the 18th century! deduced moral judgments from a special “moral sense” supposedly once and for all given to man. Supra-class morality inevitably leads to the acknowledgment of a special substance, of a ’’moral sense’’, ’’conscience’’, some kind of absolute which is nothing more than the philosophic-cowardly pseudonym for god.
Jesuit theologians who, like the theologians of other schools, were occupied with the question of personal responsibility, actually taught that the means in itself can be a matter of indifference but that the moral justification or judgment of the given means flows from the end. Thus shooting in itself is a matter of indifference; shooting a mad dog that threatens a child – a virtue; shooting with the aim of violation or murder – a crime. .
etc., etc., etc.


RedOctober - I like your username btw.

I don't "support the Palestinians against the Israelis". I support the right of the Palestinians to return to their homeland and to resist occupation. the reasoning is self-evident I would think.