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    Quote Originally Posted by Haphazard View Post
    I remember a sitcom, someone in group therapy:

    "I don't belong here..."
    "You're in America, none of us belongs here."
    SO true its funny. To me I live next to a rez and went to school with a lot of indigenous folk. They were nice, but it has always made me think about how we "don't belong." As for the whole Iraq thing that this thread is really about... I'm staying outta that! *ducks out the door*
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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Do Americans think of themselves as foreigners?
    I think this is a valid question actually..

    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    Yet, I can remember just the other day Americans telling us that Iraq would be alright if only foreigners would stop bringing arms into Iraq.

    Yet, I can hardly forebear from saying that the largest number of foreigners bringing the largest number of arms into Iraq are Americans.

    It's becoming plain that Americans do not see themselves as foreigners anywhere in the world.
    You do have a point though... I do hear a lot of people out here talk like this.. I feel like a foreigner everywhere.... even in my own neighborhood.. I'm 100% percent Hispanic and I live in a neighborhood that has a lot of mexican immigrants in it...

    The Mexicans in my neighborhood say that I'm not a real mexican because I was born in America... and other people out here say that I'm not a real American because I'm Mexican... So I feel like a foreigner everywhere really...It's even worse when I go to Mexico... They hate me right of the bat because they consider me an Americanized Mexican..

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