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    Here is what I hate about the U.S.A. (more to come later, for I am very hateful):

    •I hate the ridiculous/draconic laws that send completely harmless people to jail for actions like smoking pot or having sex with seventeen year olds.

    •I hate how this country wastes resources so carelessly and is simultaneously destroying the environment.

    •I hate the absence of a universal health care system that an advanced country like ours should already have.

    •I hate the blind patriotism that expects me to either love this country or gtfo.

    •I hate the senseless deaths of soldier and civilians that occur because of stupid wars this country gets involved in.

    •I hate how more money is wasted on the military rather than education or health care.

    •I hate how the news has gone from objective facts about the world to a decadent popularity competition about which news channel gets the most ratings.

    •I hate how almost everyone in the government is an idiot that doesn't know what they're doing half the time.

    •I hate how our political system is divided between democrats and republicans and how people vote presidents based solely on their personal political party rather than which president is more competent for the job.

    •I hate the growing bureaucracy and expanse of cities/technology that intrudes upon nature and personal freedoms.

    •I hate how in a country of rights and liberty that gays still can't marry and that their rights to marry are in the hands of stupid bureaucrats and the ignorant masses who opposes those rights.

    •I hate the ridiculously low minimum wage that makes it impossible to live on your own unless you've spent thousands of dollars going to college.

    •I hate the blatant and gross consumerism.

    •I hate how we have a huge percentage of resources in the world that are never shared while other people on the planet starve for most of their lives.

    •I hate how almost everyone despises immigrants from Mexico rather than show them compassion and acceptance.

    •I hate the dogmatic ideology that rules always need to be followed and that law breakers of every sort need to be punished severely.

    •I hate how not paying your taxes, even is because of a simple mistake in filling the tax form can land you in prison for years on end.

    •I hate how our prisons are run like rape dungeons that dehumanize every criminal as some sort of monster (not that there aren't some really disgusting humans, but I'm referring to those who are sent to jail for DUI's, pot smoking, petty theft, and the like only to be raped and beaten by sociopathic gang members).

    •I hate the lack of compassion towards other that is so abundant in this country.

    •I hate how American culture is full of hypocrisy and hedonism.

    •I hate how sexual things and cursing are forbidden on TV but violence is completely ok (personally I'm not offended by any of these things, I just wish the former two were more abundant in certain forms of pop culture rather than being demonized).

    •I hate how every TV station has gone from showing enjoyable programs of its genre to being stations full of random shit that appeals to popularity rather than authenticity (like how the history channel has turned into biased shit, or how MTV/VH1 don't show or talk about music anymore).

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    As I came of age, I came to associate the USA with those most loudly co-opting it as their own, which they were trying to "take back", and that; being the conservatives, especially the religious ones.

    They spoke about how nearly perfect the country was fgrom it's "godly" founding, yet ignored the evils of slavery and subsequent racism. And then, championing it against the 'villains' of communism, whom they called "materialistic".
    Meanwhile, every city was burned out at the core, with mass poverty and failing education, and I watched as prices went up, and quality of products went down (I remember toys breaking on Christmas day; screws that stripped like they were made of lead, and the ubiquitous echo of "they don't make ____ like they used to". Yet the capitalism that produced all of this was said to be God's system, and the executives of both business and government were becoming ever richer. This obvious "materialism" was just blamed on the "influence" of "Darwin and Marx" through the educational system.

    Conservatives began blaming taxes spent on "social programs" (mainly for minorities) for all the economic problems, and accused anyone who disagreed as "advocating failed socialism".

    Culturally, it seemed to become more and more decadent, with entertainers and sports stars also making ridiculously more than everyone else, and no one seemed to even think about it, as they spent a whole week's pay or more on games, movies or vacations, and just went back to griping about taxes. Movies just seemed to glorify violence and wild reckless action, which kids seemed to be increasingly emulating. Even rap, which seemed to start out as a countercultural message medium challenging the system, now just became just as decadent, and then, quickly after that, violent, and filling in the negative stereotype people already had.

    I sort of lumped all of that together as "American culture", and later came to see that conservatives are against much of popular culture, so any one group was not responsible for all the problems.

    Even down to today, the whole "Tea Party" mentality that continues to blame taxes (stoked by the health care bill), and will blame Obama instead of the auto or bank executives for the need of bailouts, and when you point out how much these types of executives make, they say "stop whining, they pulled up their bootstraps", all the while themselves whining about taxes still.

    But to top it off, once you do try to pull your bootstraps, they consistently raise the bar, and make it harder to suceed. Like instead of my wife being able to make mmoney, she now has to pay more money to go back to school, because they changed some law, making her Master's not enough. All of this while money and jobs become so tight.
    So people will wonder why so many others give up and try to get by on programs. Looks to me like they are trying to turn us into some third world country, with a small elite ruling class. It's like if you don't have a special talent, as an executive, or entrepeneur/engineer, entertainer or athlete, then you don't "deserve" any better.
    But of course, people are made to blame only taxes, and stuff like unions for high prices and low quality. They constantly tell others "life is not fair", until someone tries to make something fair for someone else, in which they now scream "unfair!"

    And just the sheepish mindset of all the "dittoheads" who go along withall this, and the Joe the Plumbers who so look up to the rich that to tax them they see as a personal afffront, even when they are nowhere near being rich themselves.

    Ad the continued decadence with all of these faces we see on TV or the taboids or "Page Six" gossip columns everyday, some of whom do not even have much talent (Britney, Paris, and whoever the popular ones today, etc). All fo this attention, and all of the money, even though the rest of the nation is on total cutback mode. And again, no one seems to blink.

    I too have made the following observation (especially when you try to debate some of these people):
    Quote Originally Posted by Lateralus View Post
    Hate would be far too strong of a characterization of my feelings, but I am annoyed by how people are far more ideological than practical. They take a position on an issue, then pick and choose facts and half truths (sometimes they don't even bother with facts) to support those positions.
    Of course, there are a lot of more liberal people, yet I come to distrust many of their solutions as well. They too are playing a power game, and just going a different way about it. It swings back and forth to one side or the other being in power, and it just seems to slow down or speed up the perpetually prevailing trends (country becoming more morally liberal, and yet classwise, conservative; e.g. rich getting richer).

    I recently told a staunch conservative I was arguing with that I envied them, as they were able to find such identity in the nation and its history. But I think they are able to do that by just shifting the attribution of all of its evil (that they don't deny or justify) to "them", the "other", and all of its good to their forefathers, or that God "raised/chose" the nation.

    On both sides, it seems we all complain about everything, from the other political party, to our own party (e.g. no longer conservative or liberal enough), to the entertainments we consume so much, to the MBTI.

    But what ultimately is a "nation"? Just a collective of people, and they will never create a perfect system.
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    I hate all those snakes on those motherfuckin planes in the USA.
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    I hate that USA doesn't have enough Ethiopian girls.

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    I hate how gay marriage is still an "issue," instead of those who finding it distasteful just sucking it up and dealing with it, so we can move forward. Mostly, I'm sick of hearing about it every day.

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    I hate the the infotainment revolution in news media, as well as the business-over-objectivity slant it often takes (this is to say that a lot of news outlets on both sides of the aisle seem to slant news toward their target/existing audience instead of presenting facts fairly and objectively and allowing people to make up their own mind).

    I also hate how people respond to the fact that we are a country in which free and generally extensive news press exists: failing to even attempt to examine things without a conservative or liberal tilt, neglecting to be even moderately informed despite ample and easy opportunity, and confusing performers and legitimate journalists.

    I also hate when people assume that government or business alone is the full problem. Surely, they can be part of a problem, but everyone, more often than not including you and I, embrace a lifestyle and make choices and sometimes hold views that contribute to most these problems. Essentially, I hate the compulsive need (which I think might be stronger in America than most other nations) to allocate blame away from yourself and your peers instead of accepting responsibility and even some guilt, even if you do fail to change in a meaningful way.

    Also, one mentioned in some posts I saw: The handling of and indeed concept of the 'war on drugs' and subsequent laws is a disgrace. It only makes the drug culture, in my view, a higher risk venture and therefore more dangerous, imprisons people who are generally harmless and may need help over punishment, all the while doing negligible good in terms of limiting the number of people who get into drugs in a big way.
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