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    Default Political typology, how do you type yourself?

    And would others agree?

    I thougt I'd post this after two different people told me today they believed I was a neo-conservative, I was stunned, I think that neo-conservatism is an oxymoron pretty much (neo? conservative? they're opposites right?) and while I'd not like to be described as any sort of conservative to be honest some variety which rejects capitalism like paleo-conservatism or William Cobbett's politics would be less of an insult.

    I think it happened because I'd described myself as a socialist but also culturally conservative or traditional in my norms, mores or morals.

    To be honest its a bit mad, I've always had a speculative and personal sympathy with some schools of anarchist thought, on the self-governing/workers control and personal responsibility end of the spectrum.
    All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.
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    I find it very limiting to have to describe my political views with often used expressions, but I often simplify by say that I tend to be more right wing when it comes to economics and more left wing when it comes to social matters.

    Some would say they are one and the same, but to those I would say....get a life! You know very well what I mean.

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    I am a libertarian/classical liberal/market liberal. However you want to put it. If you get very specific, I suppose I am a geolibertarian constitutional republican with some neoliberal, liberaltarian,and individualist anarchist tendencies. Well, let's just go with libertarian for now.
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    Social Anarchist

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    Some kind of weird-ass fascist.

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    I categorize myself as a neoconservative, favoring realist international relations theory over liberalism IR theory.
    Johari Nohari

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    I consider myself a practical socialist liberal; while liberal tendancies are nice, as are socialist ones, they both require alot of finesse to apply. Moving too fast won't work, and moving too slow leads to no movement at all.

    There's also issues that just don't work really, unfortunately.

    I'm also a practical pacifist... I don't like the idea of using violence to solve conflict... it doesn't really SOLVE anything. It's a waste of resources, and presents unnecessary risk for no possible gain other than personal opinion of self. But, sadly, the world doesn't work that way, and there's individuals and groups out there that don't use common sense, and the only thing they understand is "might = right". If yeu can't reason with them on an intellectual basis, yeu're forced to "reason" with them in a manner they can understand... and if all they understand is violence, well... guess yeu're stuck.

    It sucks, and it shouldn't come to that, but such is how things work, disappointing as it is.

    I have alot of very strong liberal tendancies, in fact most of my views are so liberal they make liberals look highly conservative XD

    But I also know and realize that such things can't be rushed.

    Stuff like rights to minorities and women are nice in THEORY, but it's not something that can be changed overnight; it will take literally over 100 years to change, and I likely won't see such things finalized in my lifetime. I'm understanding of that; it doesn't mean we shouldn't make progress, and it doesn't mean the problems are gone, but it means we're on the right track, it's just that track is a very long, very slow, very winding track. Trying to take shortcuts to speed things up will only cause problems in the end.

    I don't like that fact, but there's not alot I can do about that.

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    It's hard to describe personal views with established typologies, since they often work with biased definitions (just ask five different people what left/right scale means), contain different meanings for terms, especially in combinations, and often also implies unnescessary attachments in all those nonsensical package deals.

    I realized a long time ago, that for me, the most important question in politics is not "what are your preferences?" (not that it's not interesting), but "How much would you like to see them imposed on those, who don't share them?".

    I usually simplify my views as anarchist with collectivist personal preferences.

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    Definitely an anarcho-primitivist - I'm basically for bashing anything which has anything to do with the State (albeit only in theory - I'm too lazy to actually throw molotovs). I think I conflict the most with...any other political faction, which is exactly my aim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lasting_Pain View Post
    Social Anarchist
    I second this, Left-Libertarian, Socialist-Anarchism, Anarcho-syndicalist somewhere along those lines.

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