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    Default Witnessing Violence

    Not sure whether this belongs in Bonfire or another part of the forum, move at will, I put it in here because it is current since it happened today but its not world affairs. Or maybe it is if you consider the content of news broadcasts in this category.

    Anyway, I was making my way across town which was cordoned off for road racing today, lots of younger people who where the tall, tough, violent when drunk or with little in the way of provocation. I was with two women, one younger than me or about the same age (I'm 31) and another older than me, also of a short build.

    I was scanning the crowd and checking my environment as I pretty much do, anyway this fight breaks out pretty much in our path, a guy punches another guy twice, chinned him and then took him out with a hay maker, I thought the guy who feel down was knocked out but it turned out he was drunk, had a head injury already, possibly from a fight with others in the alley we'd just emerged from.

    Now my reaction to it wasnt to get anxious just then, I checked escape routes whatever and got out of there with the two others, one of them tried to call police and people from the crowd had stepped in alternatively saying "right boys that's enough" when the one was sprawled and the other was standing over him shouting that he'd kill him, and others saying call the police and getting phones out.

    Both the women I was with where upset, one of them was going to be ill, I wondered was this a gendered reaction or an individual one, I can be a little analytical desentised anyway and I'm not sure if it is a matter of being true to type or not.
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    The chemical make-up and socialization of males and females makes this a gendered pattern, but its always an individual reaction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lowtech redneck View Post
    The chemical make-up and socialization of males and females makes this a gendered pattern, but its always an individual reaction.
    I am more prone to step in myself.
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