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    A doctor is allowed the withold information from you before a procedure, but it is then required to put information about that procedure in the public view when it is done.

    This is the unreasonable thinking we get when people become too caught in their determination to confront one thing that bothers them.
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    It's not often you have a law so egregious that even the Almighty is compelled to vent His displeasure:
    VIDEO: Massive Hailstorms Fall on Oklahoma - | WXIA | Atlanta, GA
    Sunday's heavy weather in Oklahoma included a hailstorm that some people there referred to in almost Biblical terms.
    The Hippocratic oath is serious business. Anti-choice advocates who support this degradation of the doctor-patient relationship reveal that the pro-choice crowd has a point about the dictatorial underpinnings of the anti-choice movement. Unprincipled and dangerous.
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