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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    In broader terms, all forms of direct genetic mutation in the hands of humanity scares the crap out of me.
    This. It sounds like the horrifying, inevitable conclusion to man's quixotic quest to make his biology align with his politics.
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    Well natural selection is going to occur anyway... selective breeding has been ongoing for thousands of years, and there's more than enough records to prove such.

    We already *ARE* manually adjusting our own genetics, it's just been very slow. We only now have the ability to do the same thing with more control and at a faster pace is all.

    Though, like any arms race, there's always the potential to go way too far and have things go terribly wrong.

    Regardless, I'm rather pleased with the fact that it'll be possible to grant people immunities to certain diseases, that we'll be able to make it possible to live in worse climates comfortably, or to potentially remove aging, which's been found to be most likely to be a genetic defect actually, rather than something intended, which actually lends some suggestion of anecdotal evidence towards the whole early bible thing of people living hundreds or thousands of years.

    In any case, maybe it's another tower of babel, maybe it's the key to survival, either way, I don't see a moral issue with wanting to better oneself. So whot if it's not natural? Neither is typing on a computer, and we do that, and are rather grateful for the fact that we can.

    100 years from now people will probably look back on us like we do on the slavehandlers. Bizarre, quaint, stupid, fearful.

    Why resist the chance to become more than yeu are, or refuse yeur children the chance to be immune to cancer? Seems an odd thing to be against...

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    I always thought this was the ideal way to make a child in gay relationships.

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