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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    This is one rule that always made sense to me when I've worked in retail. Going after shoplifters could easily result in the employee getting hurt. Sure, that sucks for the company if they get sued or have to pay worker's comp (and I'm sure their bottom line is money), but from my perspective, protecting the employees is most important.
    Clearly Sprint, and most corporate entities have a different don't fire an employee if you value them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    You know how to avoid this? Dont break the law. Its not hard. I manage it without even conscious striving, effort or thought. So I'm buying no excuses or diversions.
    You're missing my point.

    It looks bad to the customers when the salespeople act unprofessionally by taking matters into their own hands in a manner that is potentially costly to their employer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by disregard View Post
    You're missing my point.

    It looks bad to the customers when the salespeople act unprofessionally by taking matters into their own hands in a manner that is potentially costly to their employer.
    This is true, but you sure won't try to steal from them.

    I would agree with you more on this point ^^ except customer service is generally abysmal in the states. And retailers actually do go to the trouble and expense of spending money to train employees, just not enough trouble.

    If this was a policy say at In N' Out Burger, where all the employees are supposed to be clean cut and polite and there's this throw-back nostalgic image, I'd understand if they had a "don't tackle customers" policy.

    But, at say, Best Buy or Target or especially CVS, I don't think I'd be that surprised honestly.

    I don't disagree with your point about unprofessional behavior reflecting poorly on an employer - it's just that unprofessional behavior for the front line or retail (sales associates) is normal.
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    That's how it is, all anyone can do in store is horde around the shoplifter to let them know they are being watched like security cameras aren't enough and let security know while its happening in store then once off the premises the company is liable then responsibility isn't yours. Unfortunately even if your itching to do something about it best to let them go, for the shoplifters are know the score most times too which could be potentially bad, worse if there is any physical altercation.

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    I'm divided in my opinion about this. I'll be honest. I'm a great questioner of company policy though (although when the chips are down, I do follow them), but I like reasons, not just to be told it's "company policy", or greater minds than mine thought of them (which I find hard to believe some times).
    My only thought is though, don't you, people, feel dis-empowered? I really don't like having to follow a policy that makes no sense to me. Like saving the company millions? WTF do I care. I'll never see that money anyways? I have issues with this on a day to day basis though, I don't expect anyone to share my opinion on this. Day by day, it seem we get more restrained by company policy and it really does seem easier to just stand by and do nothing...
    I agree about employment being the modern equivalent of servitude, but I have bills to pay, and I have to eat. I just wish my conscience would shut the hell up, but then, why do I get the feeling some of you won't even understand what I'm talking about.
    Following policy seems the easy way out....I'm not talking this issue in particular, but the bigger picture. BTW, I know some policies are there to protect employees and consumers, but some are there just garner the share holders more money.
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