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    Of course I look for opposing view points. How else could I think critically? I've learned a lot from being forced to look at a different view of an issue or situation.

    However, I have to be in the mood to do it...I'm an F...i'm not detatched and rational enough to be able to handle opposing opinions some days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    I wondered if any of the avowedly this or that position or perspective politicos who visit the forum read opposing view points or do you just seek out material that resonates with what you already or currently believe? Has it always been this way? Are secondary sources, ie books, news, film, pictures, more important than people, ie peers, SO, parents, heritage, in your opinion formation?
    I did read Le Monde.
    My father found out. He was very angry.

    He was about to take a nap. The paper was under the pillow. So stupid.
    You can read opposing view points only in your old age.

    I am not up to it yet. My mother is in prime health. She is only 88 years old.
    Sometimes I think I shall never be up to the fact.

    I read reactionary Spanish papers. There are piles of them in my mother's closet.

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    A true politico digests view points from all over the spectrum. Though I have a hard time finding smart analysis from conservative and right wing media, so it's hard to have my views challenged. National Review is alright. Wall Street Journal has some good pieces.

    But the more popular right-wing web sites like Fox Nation, NewsMax, World Net Daily, Free Republic.... they are my political tabloid readings and are garbage.

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