I recently got the humungous book Main Currents of Marxism: The Founders, the Golden Age, the Breakdown by L Kolakowski, its more negative than I expected, although it could have been worse and doesnt feel like propaganda as a lot of the books on this topic are (either too much in love or too much aggrievage) and its probably right that the experiments have run their course and marxism as opposed to liberal democracy, markets and welfare states has been found wanting in the balance. Pretty succinct huh?

Well, I was wondering, given that this book is huge, well into the thousands of pages, is it worth the time to make that simple point?

It made me think about the fate of Marxism and other ideas of that kind, do they have any value what so ever in their "after life"? Or are they just like last years vogues and fashions? I'm interested because I sort of think that Marxism is only the latest example, Christianity has undergone a similar process, so have all the off shots and "currents" within it (I mean would it be possible to write a "Main Currents of Christianity" and suggest that it was found wanting in the balance and therefore dispensed with, at least in all but name, I think so).