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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurel View Post
    No, his fear of THAT GUYwas justified. Are you trying to say that every black guy would do that?
    I assume that this dog's fears are based on past abuse from blacks (or at least black men).

    I suppose, on the other hand, it's possible that all the black men he'd interacted with had treated him wonderfully, but he'd merely listened to too much Prussian Blue - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    My imaginary friend Que-toi, from the 5th dimension, tells me the dog had had recurring premonitions of being attacked by a black dude his whole life, but I'm not sure I believe him...

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    teach your dogs not to be racist...having a racist dog is bad manners.

    YouTube - Brian barks at the black guy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar View Post
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    What's especially interesting about the incident is the reaction from the owner Paul Tocco. He concurs with Owens and says the dog has an issue with people who are not white.

    He tells The LoHud, “The dog reacts to black people, Hispanics, anyone who is not white. She always barked at him. He (Owens) was well aware the dog didn't like him, and he knew to stay away from her.”

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    It wasn't stated, but why didn't Owens report his concerns else where? There are several options, health and safety authorities, the local council, dog rangers etc... It makes me wonder if both parties involved, weren't so bright.
    I reckon the owner of the dog has to cop his share of the blame. Why was the dog kept at work any way? Near the workers? Seriously, how could you legitamitely justify that action alone.
    I'm not condoning Owen's actions, if any body did that to my dog, I'd cut their heart out...but he'd put up with the dog for a year, under what seems like taxing circumstances. Did he snap? I dunno....taking a knife to a dog seems a desperate action. There are easier ways to try and kill a dog. Again, I think not too bright, and an awful lot between the lines in this story.
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