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    In addition to that, military dominance is a necessity for the hegemon. Allies and enemies, on the other hand, can buy or steal the hegemon's technology, bypassing a number of R&D costs while not necessarily needing the best tech, just good enough tech (resulting in much lower overall cost). That's not even including the countries that simply rely on us to defend them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by themightybob View Post
    Dark, the f-22 and f-35 may be useless in a counter-terrorism situation,but who is to say who we will be fighting twenty years from now and what technology they will be using. In modern conventional warfare controlling the sky has become in many respects more important than ground warfare.
    Yes, that is correct. However today it makes much more sense to skip the 5th generation warplanes that were intended as counter to late Soviet designs and instead focus on developing / building UAVs (Unmaned Aerial Vehicles). Those are cheaper and potentially much more capable than even the best human piloted plane because the limitations of the human body do not have to taken into account (such as limits to G-forces).

    For China and Russia it now makes much more sense to ignore 5th generation warplanes alltoghether and start building UAVs that outmatch any human piloted planes. I don't know if they actually do, but the fact that they could means that the US has made a strategic mistake when they decided to go ahead with production of planes like the F-22 or F-35, as those planes are potentially already obsolete as they enter service.

    Terrorism by it nature targets civilians. It is not a military operation but rather criminal in its definition.
    Terrorism is simply warfare by non-conventional means. The distinction between civilian and military targets is a moral one, not a practical one as the entire enemy state can be seen as a single organic war machine, and weakening that machine by whatever means will decrease the enemy's ability to resist. It's just that you don't hear that talked about openly because it generates bad PR, and public opinion is an important parameter in the war-making capability of any country too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by themightybob View Post
    olly,the u.s is first in gdp and second in income per capita, wth are you talking about? Yes americans have large debts both individually and on the national level,however in terms of standard of living and government expenditures per capita the u.s is equal to western europe and surpasses everywhere else in the world. The statistics you posted were very misleading (probably intentionally so).
    I'm sorry if they were misleading, I just took the facts that are out there and used the numbers to get a number, I didn't change anything it's simple business, if you owe money you subtract it from your profits unless your going to pay it back someday and who knows when that will be so your building interest on that debt. (sorry I guess we just have different views of what it means to be wealthy)
    So what your saying is that were one of the best countries (not the richest) because our living standard is better then most places, and also basically because we don't include our debt when we count our profits because it's irrelevant (but it is to each individual only not at a national level).
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    17. Sri Lanka
    The island has been the home of a civil war for the last 25 years or so, however a cease fire agreement brokered in 2001 provided hope that the violence would one day end. Things did not turn out so well, & renewed hostilities between the Tamil Tigers & the Sri Lankan government forces have claimed the lives of over 4,000 people since the agreement fell apart in 2005.
    And the war ended when the soldiers fried the Tamil Tiger leader Prabakaran on 2009 - 05 - 17

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    They say there are three types of lies -- little white lies, big dirty lies, and statistics.
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