Whenever anyone says our healthcare is going to be worse with reform, I would like to remind them what it feels like now to have lab work done.

Do I have to wait over 45 minutes (and most times longer) to be done with the whole ordeal? yes
Do I feel like a bovine going to slaughter? yes.
Do I feel disrespected? yes.
Is my name called out like I'm at Peter Piper pizza? yes.
Are there gross reminders of others' genitalia staring me in the face when I throw my sanitary wipe in the basket? yes.

So why do people complain that we aren't going to like the lack of healthcare choice with a universal policy? Could it be that it's because they will have to endure what it is I do Now? yes.

I pay good money now for my healthcare and I'm consistently treated like a piece of liver. (I hate liver and it may not test that well at the lab, btw).

Healthcare is overrated and most people need to know western med is not the only way to provide it. (another issue entirely, I know, but one to be looked at).

Gawd it infuriates me!!:steam: