Earth Hour - Earth Hour, the biggest climate awareness campaign ever!

This saturday, the 27th at 20.30 pm, the world will switch off their lights for an hour in a symbolic gesture to draw the attention of governments and corperations, but also the common man in the street to the need for the way we treat our planet and environment. A lot of corporations and countries have signed on for this event:

More than 100 countries will be participating in Earth Hour, surpassing last years total with nearly two weeks to spare. On March 27 from 8.30-9.30 pm - the world will go dark.
“The implementation of sustainable business practices is not just an environmental imperative, it’s a commercial one, too,” said Earth Hour Executive Director Andy Ridley
"We at IKEA recognise that our business will be successful only if there is a sustainable management of the resources we rely on to make our products," says Thomas Bergmark, Sustainability Manager at IKEA.
Mary Wenzel, director of Environmental Affairs at Wells Fargo said, “While the 60 minutes of energy saved during the event is important, the true significance of this event is that it demonstrates that by both working together and also taking personal responsibility for turning off lights, unplugging electrical items and making our homes more energy efficient each of us can make a positive difference.

Please join us.”

I concur: plz join us! We all live on this planet. It's about time we took care of it.

WWF - Corporate support swells for Earth Hour
WWF - WWF and IKEA join hands to support Earth Hour

The Belgian mascotte for Earth Hour :